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15 Oct
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The residents of Kajiado are hereby informed that Normal to above normal rainfall is expected during this short rains season (October, November December 2015)due to the evolving El-Nino conditions.This means, occasional severe flashfloods are likely to occur especially in the hotspots in Kajiado County.

In order to create awareness, sensitization and enhance preparedness, Kajiado county government, Kenya Meteorological Services, Agriculture Sector Development Support Programme (ASDSP) Kajiado County,  and other stakeholders issue the following adaptation and mitigation advisories to residents of Kajiado:-

Flashfloods Hotspots

To minimize the impacts of Enhanced rainfall, the most likely hotspotsin Kajiado arising from the following hazards are:

  1. Landslides and soil erosion
  2. Loitoktok-Hilly areas
  3. Namanga-Hilly areas
  • Chyulu areas
  1. Flashfloods
  2. Kiserian –Dam and its environs
  3. Torosei. Within the low lying areas of the lake(s)
  • Magadi. Particularly the Lake and 2-3 Kilometers of the surrounding area
  1. Storms/strong winds
  2. Along the Kitengela-Isinya-Namanga highway particularly the low-lying planes
  3. Central Kajiado- Maparasha areas

Kajiado Community is advised to do the following.

  • Unblock household and storm drainage systems particularly in urban areas.
  • Warn, Relocate people and assets from flood prone areas e.g plains, riverbanks and drainage channels
  • Fence off construction and quarry sites.
  • Reinforce and repair weak and damaged structures and houses
  • Report any destruction after a storm.

Veterinary Department

  • Farmers are advised to report suspect cases of abortions and haemorrhages.
  • Farmers are advised to ensure their live stocks are Vaccinated against Rift valley fever (RVF) and blue tongue and quarantine any sick ones.
  • The farmers are also advised to avoid consumption of raw milk and meat as this is a risk factor.

Livestock Production

  • Farmers are advised to buy pasture seeds (C. Ciliaris, Superba)
  • It is recommended that farmers reseed denuded lands, terrace and earth dams embankments using appropriate pasture seeds
  • Farmers are advised to construct or renovate hay sheds, harvest and store fodder
  • A void grazing in low lands and deep gulleys.
  • Build semi-permanent structures for the animals to shield them from extreme weathers as to reduce death


  • Construct water harvesting structures in order to maximize on the available excess water for future use
  • Purchase farm inputs early (by beginning of October)
  • Clear drainage system in your farms and prudent farm management
  • Construct soil conservation structures to control erosion.
  • In places of poor drainage construct drainage canals.
  • Use appropriate technologies of production e.g. greenhouse farming to minimize damage
  • Carry out appropriate post-harvest management practices for farm produce
  • Harvest, and thoroughly dry and store cereals in safe dry places to avoid incidences of Aflotoxin.
  • Report any outbreaks of strategic pests eg. Armyworms immediately
  • In order to mitigate against any likely loss of property you are advised to insure your property including crops and livestock.
  • Farmers are advised to take advantage of the likely prolonged season, it is the right time for tree planting so as to green the county which has suffered due to charcoal burning. Construct sand dams along rivers for sand harvesting


  • Make sure your vehicle is in good condition
  • Poor visibility and slippery roads could pose dangers to motorists and pedestrians and hence, take utmost care and heed traffic alerts and alerts issued by the Kenya Meteorological service.
  • Residents of Kajiado are advised not drive or walk through flowing waters and also reduce unnecessary movements
  • Storms might cause power outages and hence it’s advisable to acquire alternative sources of energy Report incidents and damages as well as potential threats like dangerous trees.
  • Beware of and report any loose hanging electrical wires


  • Practice good sanitation practices (e.g. boiling drinking water, hand washing, no open defecation etc.) so as to avoid contamination and report any cases of disease outbreak. In case of disease outbreak, present patients for vaccination and treatment
  • Incidences of vector- borne diseases like malaria are likely to escalate and therefore it is recommended that you sleep under a mosquito net and seek medical attention when you feel unwell

Business community,

  • It is recommended that they make use of e-marketing to minimize movements also to diversify income sources.


  1. It is however worth noting that there are inherent uncertainties in weather forecasts and therefore important to keep up with the updates issued by the Kenya Meteorological Service (Kajiado County)
  2. Seek interventions from relevant government departments in case of a sudden turn of events.

In case of any Emergency please call the following Nos.



































Figure 2b: Expected Cessation Dates for OND2015 “Short-Rains” Seasonal Rainfall
Figure 2a: Expected Onset Dates for OND2015.





Flood prone areas






Locals at Ewuaso-Kedong area along Ewuaso river view what was left of land Rover car in which two public servants and an NGO escaped death narrowly.





Residents of Osoit village , Kajiado receive water filters

Kajiado: vehicle with 10 occupants swept by floods

River Oloibototo that burst its banks in May 2015  after the raging floods in Kajiado