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15 Feb
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H.E The Governor of Kajiado County Dr David Nkedianye  addressing the members of the county assembly when they resumed duty after the long break.

H.E The Governor of Kajiado County Dr David Nkedianye addressing the Members of the County Assembly when they resumed duty after the long break.

Kajiado County Assembly Speaker Johnson Osoi welcomed members of the County Assembly to their duties after along holiday. Speaking during the occasion, he urged the parties to cooperate to accomplish the goals they had set for the county.

County boss Dr Nkedianye summarized several achievements by his county since his reign in power. He read before the Assembly after resuming.

Nkedianye in accompanied by his deputy Hon. Paul Ntiati, said Ksh 400m has been allocated to develop markets across the county.

“We have committed over 400m last year to develop markets in Oloitokitok, Kimana, Isinya, Kiserian, Ngong, Matasia, Namanga and many other areas. This projects are already in progress. ” Said Nkedianye

On roads and public works the Dr. Nkedianye said on roads 400m has been allocated to fully rehabilitate them, saying his government recently hired 15 more technical staffs in the roads sector.

“We are expanding and improving existing roads networks in the urban and rural areas and we have tarmacked several roads to improve accessibility to needy places like government facilities and we have started constructing bus parking bays in Kitengela which is almost completed and in Ngong which is in progress. We are doing this to ease the traffic jam in our towns.” Noted the governor.

Considering water issues Nkedianye said during the last drought, many places were affected especially Kajiado west and south. We want to request more allocation of resources in this year’s budget to avoid water crisis in the future as well as planning to build better dams for water storage.

On agriculture sector the governor said, vaccination against rift valley fever and blue tongue and quarantine has been taking place in varies places.