1.  We purpose to underscore the role of local investors in boosting investment in the county and fostering foreign/external investor confidence.

Proximity to Tanzania makes our County strategic for international trade. We intend to take advantage of our strategic positioning with regard to JKIA to ensure that our perishable goods reach our target market in good time.

The county is near Nairobi the capital city with good linkages to the airports and markets. Enhanced production of goods and services shall be emphasized since markets are available. Infrastructural development shall be a key area for investment.

Availability of land for industrial investment. We shall discourage land fragmentation tendencies and encourage consolidation. Further, provision of industrial parks to be given as incentives for investment.

  1. Our focus is to spur growth in this sector vide introduction of ventures beyond traditional modes.

Eco-tourism – the county is home to a national park and vast tracts of undisturbed natural resource which are suitable for hospitality investment

  1. We purpose to address the human and wildlife conflict that has given the county negative publicity. Our target is to secure our wildlife and promote co-existence with the community. Mechanisms shall be put in place to ensure the local people benefit from proceeds from wildlife conservation.

Community owned conservancies. Establishment of such conservancies shall be encouraged.