Invest with us

Following the formation of the devolved system of government in Kenya after the promulgation of the Constitution in 2010, we as Kajiado County, are pleased, to cordially invite all investors to our County.
As an invitation to investors, the county government, having identified investment as the driving force behind the economy, established structures to promote and facilitate investment in the county.
Today, Kajiado offers some of the most attractive incentives and the most liberal legislation for investors of any country in the region and beyond, and has many opportunities for producing a wide range of products.
The county has great potential in the areas of infrastructure and Real Estate development, Mining and Manufacturing, Health, Education, Eco tourism, Agriculture among others.
Investing in Kajiado County does have certain advantages, e.g the tax rate, speed of processing; currency convertibility and degree of bureaucratic involvement are favorable.

Potential investors will have a vibrant and dynamic human resource disposable to them in the county as well as investment partners, whose efforts are increasingly manifesting into tangible benefits for the County’s economy.
As we welcome the Investors, we believe that our engagement shall bring measureable benefits to them, in the firm belief that they can realize maximum results from their good investment.
On our part, we assure the investors of a solid platform from which to transact.
This shall include an agenda that covers the implementation of systems and measures to empower the people of Kajiado County; capacity building across mass consumer market segments; new partnerships and collaborations between investors; as well as a conducive legal and infrastructural environment.

Together, we hope to realize clear goals for the optimum well-being and productivity of the County as we all seek to positively transform the community.
We wish all interested investors a productive Investment opportunity in Kajiado County