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05 Apr
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The ILANYUAK LE MASHUURU  sand harvesters building that was open by tha Governor

The ILANYUAK LE MASHUURU sand harvesters building that was open by the Governor, the youth group is a cooperative society  thathas 460 members and an asset base of Ksh 45 million.

Governor Dr.David Nkedianye officially opened the harvesters building in Lempei town in Mashuru district Kajiado East. Nkedianye accompanied by area M.P Peris Tobiko, Area MCA Sayiore and other county officials witness the commendable job done by ILANY UAK.  The building was built by ILANYUAK LE MASHUURU SAND HAVERSTER COOPERATIVE SOCIETY. This is an informal youth group, into a million institution. Set up by young men of Imaroro ward who engage in scooping and loading of sand to Lorries and registered as cooperative in the area, the main objective was to control sand in river beds, banks and water catchments areas and arrange levy payments by the transporters which will promote members financials welfare, unity and among others conserve environment in the affected areas and   since inception the society had been growing steady but this does not mean all has been well ILANYUAK LE MASHUURU SAND HARVESTER COOPERATIVE SOCIETY is today a million shilling institution with 460 members and a net asset base of about Ksh.45 million, is feted amongst the leading biggest sand harvesters societies in membership and capital base cooperative in kajiado county.
Speaking during the occasion the Governor challenged the crowd to embrace unity and join hands to do a lot of good work, mentioning that as one of good example and how successful it can be. Encouraging them to move forward. Nkedianye urged them not to choose any job. “We have been shown that young people can join hands and do a lot of good work, this is one example of how successful we can be. We celebrate them and encourage them to move forward, as a county government we will work closely with them to ensure they have attained their dreams. We encourage them not to choose any job.’’ Nkedianye said.
M.P Peris lauded the work done and encourage youth to embrace it  in that way of cooperation to better their lives standard. She also added that it is the right direction to go meanwhile it will help to avoid drugs abuse and other bad ways.