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07 Aug
By: CGK 0


The governor also brought revision books for standard 7 and 8 pupils

The Governor handing over  revision books for standard 7 and 8 pupils to Kilonito primary school Headmaster.

“Kilonito primary school must improve in performance “. These were the words from the governor of Kajiado County His Excellency Dr. David Nkedienye to the parents, teachers and pupils of kilonito primary school in loodokilani ward.
The school which a few years back appeared in the country newspapers as one of the three worst performing schools in the country has not been performing well for several years now and the governor has now come to its rescue.
Speaking during the education day in the school, the governor argued all the concern people to come together with the support of his government to help the school.
“This is not a time to blame anybody, let come together and help our children because we cannot accept a whole generation to be destroyed this way. This area need doctors, teachers, lawyers and we must produce ours because nobody will accept to come to a place where people are not serious, and let’s produce our own first.” Said the governor
Several issues were discussed that led to poor performance in the school, which last year had a mean score of 165.81, parents are criticized for neglecting the school and their is no good working relationship with them and the teachers. Parents were also warn against early marriages for their kids.
The governor added that the head teachers should be given a chance to run the management of the school.
“The head teacher is the one to run the school and I give him full responsibility in this school, he will hire PA teachers of his choice but those who are qualified and improve performance in this school while you parents give him your support.” Said the governor
The head teacher Mr. Daniel Seet promise to do his best.
“Governor we will improve the performance of this school and with the full support of the parents and your government, kilonito will rise up.” Said Mr. Seet
The governor also brought revision books for standard 7 and 8 pupils and promised to return in a month time to access the school until he sees some improvement. He was accompanied by the county executive member for public service Jeremiah Nairowoua and other county officials.