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26 Aug
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 The Governor explains the bicons location to both group ranches at cultural resort in kajiado town.

The Governor explains the bicons location to both group ranches at cultural resort in kajiado town.

The Governor of Kajiado County D.r David Nkedienye has  solved a dispute between Osilalei and Eselenkei group ranches over a 720 acres of land boundary by dividing the area in equal half following  a  meeting at Kajiado cultural resort.

The Governor brought together the two group ranches members with the Kajiado peacemakers led by the chairman Ezekiel ole Seki and the county government officials to solve the dispute land that has been there for over 30 years with each group claiming ownership of the land citing their declarations with Osilalei (1970) and Eselenkei (1977).

Dr. Nkedienye presented the map and showed all the bicons and explained the boundary location to all the members. He said the issue must be solved for once and should not arise in the near future.

“We want to solve this issue for once because we don’t want our people to fight over land. We went to the ground and heard from both parties and went through their claims with the county surveyors and we have decided to follow the 2005 sitting since both ranches had different declaration.” Said Nkedienye.

The Governor added that peace is the most paramount in Kajiado County.

“There is a lot of tension between the two parties but we don’t want that because Kajiado is a peaceful county.” Said Dr. Nkedienye

The Governor will now attend a congregation meeting with wananchi of both sides at Eselenkei stalls on the 8th of September before the tractors can mark the boundary.

Hon Masaa Matapato North MCA said as a member of Osilalei group ranch they are satisfied with the ruling.

“We as Osilalei group ranch are satisfied with the decision made by the governor and we hope it will be the last time we are discussing this matter again.” Said Masaa

On his part Eselenkei representative hon Sayianka ole Seki said it was the best decision for all parties.

“We are happy with the ruling since this is the first time we are getting the right answer thanks to our governor and we tell our people this is what we will follow and there will never dispute it again in the area.” Said Sayianka

All parties were required to respect the verdict because it was the only solution and continue living as brothers and sisters.