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01 Oct
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H.E The Governor consults Matapato MCA Hon Hosea Toshi yesterday during the baraza held in Namanga

H.E The Governor consults with Matapato South MCA Hon Hosea Toshi during a baraza held in Namanga yesterday.

Dr. David Nkedianye yesterday attended a Baraza at Namanga town Matapato south, Kaijado central sub county. The Governor was accompanied with his executive members and area MCA Hon. Hosea Toshi who all addressed the grievances aired by the residents.

Namanga town is divided by the Kenyan – Tanzania borders with a population of 30,000 and heavily depend on tourism and import and export trade between the two countries.

Among the issues discussed in the meeting were water shortage, lands, health, market, and town planning.

The Governor assured Namanga residents that his government is working hard to improve the health sector, this can be testified by the 1.4billion ksh that has been allocated to the health ministry to avert problems that have clouded several counties in the country.

“The ministry of health got the highest percentage of the budget allocation. We have done these because we don’t want our doctors and nurses to go on strike like in other counties. We have paid our doctors and promoted them as well. Our hospitals have drugs enough for all patients. “Said Nkedianye

The executive member for health Gladys Marima said they have allocated half a million on medicine.“We have allocated more than one million to Namanga hospitals for medicine. We will also use 10 million to upgrade Namanga hospital this year to be a sub county hospital because it is serving many people even our neighbors from Tanzania. In the next budget allocation we will add more funds to increase the number of doctors” Said Marima

The problem of the market was also discussed where the county leadership said they have allocated 50 million to build a new market which will be in four phases.

“We have allocated 10 million to fence up the market and commencement of the building which will start next year and the Maasai women who sells beads will get a place to sell their items. We have already completed the construction of the public toilet in the market.” Said Nkedianye.

Water is also a big problem of Namanga residents and with only one borehole serving the whole town. The county has already built another borehole and plan to build a new a tank to replace the old one at Orkungu in the next two month. Executive member incharge of water Joshua Majakusi confirming the problem of water will be completely solved.

Matapato south MCA Hosea Toshi appealed to the county government to finish this projects faster.


“We want this projects to be done faster so that our people can benefit. Since this year budget

allocation has been approved early we want to see this developments done quickly. “Said Toshi

The governor was also questioned about the 2.5 million used to buy mobile phones and other

accessories to the executive members and the money paid to private lawyers. Dr. Nkedianye said all wananchi taxes are used wisely.

“The 2.5 million shillings was not just used to buy mobile phones only but also computers and office telephones, we will want to misuse wananchi taxes. All your money are accounted for.” Said governor.


Wananchi follow the proceeding during the baraza in Namanga.

Wananchi follow the proceeding during the baraza in Namanga.