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05 Mar
By: Kajiado County 0


Deputy Governor Paul Ntiati joined residents at Torosei Primary School-Kajiado West for a thanks giving ceremony. It was after the school had yield utmost results during the last year’s performance. Speaking during the event, he congratulated teachers, pupils and all the stakeholders for the commendable work done. He also outlined the projects run by the County Government and promised that the unfinished projects will be soon completed.

“We as a county government we will ensure that the uncompleted projects will be completed soon.” Paul said.

Ntiati urged the residents to register as voters in great number and parents to certify their children who attained 18 years so they participate in the ongoing Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission {IEBC}. He urged the crowd  not to be divided by politics.

“You must not be divided by politics instead  you should embrace unity”.

Said Ntiati

Women representative Mary Senator also acknowledged the results and urged the teachers to aim higher. She expressed her outlooks on school dropout and warned parents to be on look-out for their girls. Drawing examples from last year’s candidates, 2 of the girls did not sit for their exams due to teenage pregnancy. She also called for cooperation to better the performance of the school more. .

“ We must cooperate with all stakeholders to better the performance of our schools.”

Said Senator

Sunkuyia-the deputy speaker applauded the results and urged TSC to motivate teachers especially in rural areas since they are experiencing a lot of challenges in terms of housing and long distance to place of work. He added that TSC should increase the salary to motivate teachers to work hard.

“Teachers are being paid poorly and TSC should ponder and increase the salary to motivate teachers.”

Said Sunkuyia

Emmanuel Kidali; the Headteacher, who was very delighted with the results, appreciated the team who worked hard to ensure the impressive work was done. He also outlined several challenges the school is experiencing. Lack of dormitories for both boys and girls that has undermined the school’s efforts to improve in performance. According to Kidali, the school urgently needs a girls’ dormitory from well-wishers to curb girls drop out which is a threat to girl-education.

Water shortage was also noted, since the school uses rain water harvested and stored in the 3 small tanks that dry up after rainy season due to high demand from the pupils and teachers. School renovation was the other flout according to the head teacher. The classes are in bad shape and leaking during rainy season. It urgently needs immediate renovation to provide a conducive classroom atmosphere for learning.

 “ I urge the well-wishers to support us in building the dormitories, curb water shortage and school renovation to better our learning.”

Said Kanali

Mugesa; one of the parents appreciated the work done and urged pupils to embrace discipline as the key to success. He also urged the County Government to continue supporting schools and consider the disabled children in school.

“We as parents we are happy for the support from the County Government and ask them to consider disabled children to enable them to achieve their dreams.”

Said Mugesa