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20 Mar
By: Kajiado County 0


The county government has massive plans in the improvement of education, educational institutions and trainers to ensure that our citizens gain competitive skills ready for absorption in the global job market.

  • We wish to work with all stakeholders within and with-out the county to promote the quality of education in the county.
  • We are also focused to ensure that the youths acquire employable skills even in the global job market.
  • We want to rehabilitate  and revitalize youth polytechnics.

All these cant be achieved solely by the county government, as it requires massive resources from all stakeholders.

In this regard, we seek willing investors to come and take advantage of the huge opportunities as follows:

  1. We seek partners and investors to help put up incubation centers and offer mentor-ship programs to our citizens.
  2. Kajiado has an extensive leather work and wish to invite investors and partners to offer skills on leather work, put up industries that will consume this readily available raw material.
  3. In our quest to improve the quality of education, we seek to offer the students hands on skills. We, therefor, urge investors to come and setup up companies, factories that can offer internships to our students and also job opportunities.
  4. Early childhood education plays key role in a child’s education capability. This requires a kin look at the teaching aid for the trainers. We therefor, request investors to come and put up manufacturing plants for the teaching aid.
  5. Kajiado is the richest county in culture. In order to conserve this rare resource, the county invites investors and partners to help in the construction and maintenance of cultural centers across the county.
  6. We are committed to ensure that our youths engage in productive activities and recreation is vital. We therefor, wish to invite willing investors to come on board and work with the county government in the construction of County recreation Parks


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