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11 Mar
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Miss Tourism Kajiado County Sation Parmuat  planting a tree at Ilmarba primary school

Miss Tourism Kajiado County Sation Parmuat planting a tree at Ilmarba primary school  launching  her project dubbed ” save a tree”.

Miss Tourism Kajiado County Sation Parmuat commenced a project that target to plant 10,000 trees across the county. The project that was officially launched at Ilmarba primary school in Kajiado Central by the initiator Sation, many applauded it as a way of restoring back the beauty of the land. She planted 50 pieces before addressing the imperative of the tree to the eagerly awaiting team. Speaking during the occasion she urged teachers and pupils to upkeep trees from destruction. Deforestation rate is very high in Kajiado County according to the Miss Tourism, this made her to come up with the notion of Dubbed ‘’Save a tree’’. Identifying the helped from different partners as a boosted to her project, Ministry of Environment supporting with 1000 trees, East Africa Portland has promised 3000 pieces and she is looking forward to getting more partnership to reach the set target. She also challenged pupils to work hard in school to have a better future and avoid dropouts in school.

Sempeta the head teacher lauded the project and promised to safeguard the trees from destruction. He added that the trees will block wind that always causes damage to the classrooms and provide shade to the pupils and the  entire school.

Later during the day Sation toured Moi Girls Isinya where she planted 100 pieces before she addressed the crowd. In her talks at Moi girls secondary she registered her confidence with the school saying that they practice good environmental practices which touched her. She added the task of environmental protection is a universal responsibility of all of us. We will be making an important gesture to the world in demonstrating our global concern and at the same time making our own little but significant contribution to the cause.” Sation Said.

According to Millicent Kaboga a teacher at moi girls who was happy to have Miss Tourism running the project in their school since she was a former student. Recognizing the effort of the school not only producing academically good students but also in character. She added that  the projects conducted in the school will go along way into changing and transforming not only the school but the students too. According to Kaboga the school takes very seriously planting of trees since the school begun and they promised to own the project passionately so that at the end of it all the trees will not only helped the environment of the school but also changed the environment of isinya.


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