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11 Aug
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Dr.Nkedienye speaking to Enkaroni group ranch

Dr.Nkedienye speaking to Enkaroni group ranch

The governor of Kajiado County D.r David Nkedienye has Sort out land dispute between Maika Family and Enkaroni group ranch who have been having conflicts for 20years now. Nkedienye was accompanied with the Cs for Land Hon. Ali Letura, County Commissioner Harsama Kello, Area MCA Ole Kipaika and other government officials.

Speaking in the meeting Nkedienye warned the surveyors who are unprofessional saying they are misleading the public in giving false information, drawing erroneous maps. Resolving the meeting again on the 5thSeptember will bring both parties together to look for a permanent solution for the boundary. He said the issue must be solved once and should not arise in the near future “My government is warning all surveyors to make sure every time they work; they do it to the best of their professionalism. They should also know that their days are numbered in this county. We are having many problems regarding land matters across the county.”

County Commissioner Harsama Kello called for unity from all stakeholders to bring the conflict to an end. Urging the parties to cooperate to avoid any conflicts since they are brothers and sisters.

The Cs for Lands Ali Letura urged both parties to maintain peace since it is the most paramount in Kajiado County. Calling for cooperation as he assured them that the storm will end soon. “There is a lot of tension between the two parties but we don’t want that because Kajiado is a peaceful county.” Said Ali

Maika family urged the government to give them time as they look for another surveyor since they lost trust with the previous one.

All parties were required to respect the verdict because it was the only solution and continue living as brothers and sisters.