The Department of Gender, Culture, Cooperatives, Tourism and Wildlife is headed by the County Executive Committee Member Janet Sereu and one chief officer, Francis Mepukori in charge of culture.It is made up of four sections that include ;Gender, Culture, Cooperatives, Tourism and Wildlife The department has several directors and their Deputies.


The sectors primary focus is youths, sports, gender development & social protection, tourism & wildlife. The goal of this sector is to promote gender equality and empower women, girls and youths; enhance inclusion and participation of all vulnerable groups in social-economic development and attain cultural appreciation, conservation, and celebration for sustainable development. In addition, the department is also tasked with building the capacity of youths on entrepreneurship; enhance finance access & promoting talents though sports events.

Milestone Achieved To-date

Department of Gender, Culture, Youths & sports
Objective: To minimize gender disparity; enhance social protection of the vulnerable groups; Nurture & promote youth talents
 Achievements Todate
Construction of Social halls  






Distribution of wheelchairs  


Construction of Ushanga & Disability shades  




Established County museum  





Sub county


Number of groups beneficiaries


Sum total

Disbursements of Women & youths empowerment fund Kajiado Central Youth Groups =15 Women group = 14  




Kajiado West Youth Groups = 10 Women group = 27 Total 37
Kajiado South Youth Groups = 14 Women group = 18 Total 32
Kajiado North Youth Groups = 11 Women group = 12 Total 23
Kajiado East Youth Groups = 10 Women group = 16 Total 26




Youth Groups = 60 Women group = 87




The department of Culture, which is mandated to safeguard and promote cultural heritage and expressions, will be show casing Kajiado Culture at the Devolution Conference 2021 in three areas of cultural prowess, namely

State of Ushanga Initiative – beadwork art and enterprise display

Kajiado Performing arts- Song and Dance

Kajiado Cultural sites and monuments

The three Maasai rites of passage inscribed at UNESCO as elements of intangible cultural heritage in need of urgent safeguarding


  1. Launch of Ushanga initiative program

This activity was graced by the deputy Governor with a representation of 400 women from different parts of the county; this has immediately been followed up by trainings to start in September of 450 women in collaboration with Ushanga Initiative Kenya.



  1. Safeguarding the three rites of passage- three maasai rites of passage have been inscribed in the UNESCO list of tangible cultural heritage in the need of urgent safeguarding.

-updating of intangible cultural heritage inventory

– Training young people on safe guarding the three rites of passage

– continue engagement and data collection from council of elders

Goals and Objectives
i. To enhance youth participation in socio-economic development
ii. To nurture and promote youth talent
iii. To achieve equal opportunities for all genders
iv. To provide sustainable and participatory process geared towards improved
v. To uphold participatory monitoring and evaluation for accountability and


 Gender mainstreaming.
 GBV Campaigns.
 Coordination activities on anti FGM
 Promotion of equitable socio economic development.
 Implementation of Kajiado County Youth and Women Enterprise Fund.

a) Liquor licensing process
 Call for Liquor licensing applications.
 Inspection of 1000 outlets.
 Collected approx… 1.5m from applications 2017/2018
 Held a meeting with NACADA board.
 Held a training with SCAD (Student council against drugs)
 Did a benchmarking exercise with Nairobi County on harmonization of
b) Disability mainstreaming.
 Held one board meeting.
 Participated in the desert wheel race sixth edition.
 Issued loans for economic empowerment.
 Purchased assistive devices.
 Supported Cerebral Palsy children with nutritional supplements.
 Celebrated UN day for PWDS.

c). Betting and casinos

 Mapping exercise 2000 outlets mapped out.

d) Control of drugs and pornography.
 Kajiado talent bila drugs 20 different talents identified.
 Held one youth forum. Over 300 youth participated.

(a) Draft Gender Policy.
(b) FGM Policy.
(c) Liquor Act.
(d) Disability Regulation.
(e) Youth and Women Enterprise Development Fund Regulations.
(f) Disability Mainstreaming Bill.
(g) Youth Policy Draft.
(h) Sports policy Draft.


A socially and economically empowered community


To promote sustainable social economic development and inclusive participation
through stakeholder engagement and community based initiative


 Kerarapon Multipurpose hall.
 Ngong Stadium.
 AIC Childcare.
 Nakeel Stadium.
 Mentorship program.


Gender, Co-operatives, Culture,Tourism and Wildlife CEC Janet Sereu alongside Kajiado County Cooperative Officers today visited different groups from Kajiado Central; the Board of Oloilelai One Dairy Cooperative Society in Ilbisil culminating at Ng’atataek – Ilpaamu Dairy Cooperative in Matapato North with the aims to socioeconomically empower women and these cooperatives into tangible income generating activities.

According to Sereu, there is a need to connect these cooperative societies to the international market, facilitate women to undergo trainings to equip themselves with experience, knowledge and skills to excel independently. The CEC further emphasized on the need to support women and the cooperative societies to access the vast market for their authentic products locally and globally.

On long-term and short-term commitments to empower women, she reiterated on the need to have innovative policies initiated at the grassroot levels to identify, establish and secure accessible market stalls in trading centers and towns for women to make sales and close business deals.

There is no doubt that women are playing a key role in the socio-economic development of societies across Kenya. They are highly engaged in agriculture, small-scale industries, and other primary sectors in rural areas venturing into savings and credit services.

It is therefore essential to recognize women’s role in cooperatives and bring them into the mainstream of economic development and

decision making processes.





Kajiado County Government’s Department of Gender,Co-operatives,Culture,Tourism and Wildlife, in collaboration with World Wildlife Fund(WWF) and the Ushanga Kenya Initiative, has ended their capacity-building training program for 50 women beaders in Kajiado South Sub-County.

This empowerment is aimed at transforming their traditional art into marketable commodities, thus yielding significant economic and social benefits.

This initiative’s strategy is centered on:
• Enhancing the business and production capabilities of women
• Organizing them into cooperative groups
• Providing essential production infrastructure
• Facilitating competitive access to local, regional, and international markets.

The culmination of this endeavor is the one-week Training of Trainers (TOT) workshop.

During this intensive program, the 50 women participants will;
• Acquire a diverse skill set, including proficiency in various bead styles.
• Adoption of new designs
• Efficient use of beading tools, leather crafting, experimentation with color combinations, and the mastery of high-quality finishing.
The overall objective is to equip these women with the ability to produce top-quality products and empower them to disseminate their acquired expertise to other women’s groups.

The workshop is a joint activity supported by IWT-CF(Five groups) and BMZ  II( six group ranches) Kajiado south












Women mentorship program at Olgululu

Our CEC-M in charge of Gender, Cooperatives, Culture & Tourism today led a very informative mentorship program for women at Olgulului, Kajiado South.
The Women were taken through various topics on the girl child education, menstrual Hygiene, drugs, substance abuse and pornography among young people.
The CEC will lead another session for the girls tomorrow.








CEC-MEMBER for Gender, Janet Sereu, earlier today met Honourable members of the County Assembly in the Gender, Cooperatives, Culture, Tourism & Wildlife sector for sensitization of the Women Economic Empowerment Fund Regulation.

Empower a woman empower the world.










Kenya’s Tourism and Wildlife Cabinet Secretary (CS), Dr. Alfred Mutua has said tourist arrivals for the entire East African region are below the potential.

Dr Mutua said arrivals will remain dismal if no tangible effort is made for a joint radical shift in marketing strategy for the East African countries.

“In the heart of Africa, where wildlife roams free and landscapes enchanting, we find ourselves facing a a challenge of declining tourist arrival numbers. Our tourism numbers are dismal, and it’s time for us to re-examine our approach, ” said the CS.

Kajiado’s CEC Member for Tourism ,Wildlife, Gender and Cooperatives, Janet Sereu, has embraced the challenge and said that Kajiado will lead in harnessing the opportunities that accrue from the local vibrant culture and wildlife treasures.

” These treasures remain hidden to the world hence its high time to unveil the wonders of East Africa to the global stage, ” said Sereu.

The CEC Member emphasized the need for Kajiado,Narok and Samburu Economic Block in coming together to rethink their tourism marketing strategies.

Ms Sereu made her remarks during the closing ceremony of the 3rd East African Regional Tourism Expo (EARTE) and the Magical Kenya Travel Expo (MKTE), at the Kenyatta International Convention Centre ( KICC).

The three counties of Kajiado, Narok and Samburu Economic Block will, going forward, be using one stand to exhibit their goods.

“We are also working together as an economic block to strengthen our relationship in working together to explore our treasures, ” said Sereu.

Sereu led the county team that included her Chief Officer, Joshua Mepukori.