Goals and Objectives
i. To enhance youth participation in socio-economic development
ii. To nurture and promote youth talent
iii. To achieve equal opportunities for all genders
iv. To provide sustainable and participatory process geared towards improved
v. To uphold participatory monitoring and evaluation for accountability and


 Kajiado County in partnership with KCB bank vijana tujiajiri program.
 Implementation of Kajiado County Youth and Women Enterprise Fund.

 KICOSCA Games 2017
 Kajiado County Half Marathon 2017
 Morans Cup 2017
 Michezo Mashinani
 Governor’s cup.
 KISYA Games 2018
 Athletics Championships 2018.

 Gender mainstreaming.
 GBV Campaigns.
 Coordination activities on anti FGM
 Promotion of equitable socio economic development.
 Implementation of Kajiado County Youth and Women Enterprise Fund.

a) Liquor licensing process
 Call for Liquor licensing applications.
 Inspection of 1000 outlets.
 Collected approx… 1.5m from applications 2017/2018
 Held a meeting with NACADA board.
 Held a training with SCAD (Student council against drugs)
 Did a benchmarking exercise with Nairobi County on harmonization of
b) Disability mainstreaming.
 Held one board meeting.
 Participated in the desert wheel race sixth edition.
 Issued loans for economic empowerment.
 Purchased assistive devices.
 Supported Cerebral Palsy children with nutritional supplements.
 Celebrated UN day for PWDS.

c). Betting and casinos

 Mapping exercise 2000 outlets mapped out.

d) Control of drugs and pornography.
 Kajiado talent bila drugs 20 different talents identified.
 Held one youth forum. Over 300 youth participated.

(a) Draft Gender Policy.
(b) FGM Policy.
(c) Liquor Act.
(d) Disability Regulation.
(e) Youth and Women Enterprise Development Fund Regulations.
(f) Disability Mainstreaming Bill.
(g) Youth Policy Draft.
(h) Sports policy Draft.


A socially and economically empowered community


To promote sustainable social economic development and inclusive participation
through stakeholder engagement and community based initiative


 Kerarapon Multipurpose hall.
 Ngong Stadium.
 AIC Childcare.
 Nakeel Stadium.
 Mentorship program.