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25 Sep
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The Deputy Governor briefing on the measures the county government is taking  to mitigate the El- nino rains effects.

The Deputy Governor briefing on the measures the county government is taking to mitigate the El- nino rains effects.

With at least two weeks to the commencement of the then predicted El-Nino rains, Kajiado County Government has begun preparations to mitigate the negative effects of El-Nino to saving the county from being hit hard by the phenomenon.

According to the Deputy Governor Paul Ntiati, the county has drawn lessons from previous flooding and has so far identified hotspots in the county. The Deputy Governor also indicated that there could be more likelihood of more destruction from strong winds blowing off roofs, the transport system being affected, breakout of diseases and the examination process being affected.

Meeting some of the organisations partnering in the process, The Deputy Governor said that no Organisation has been locked out and any assistance from well-wishers is much welcomed. He farther urged the partners to act swiftly as much could only be done before the commencement of the rains.

According to the County Director in the Metrological Department, Shadrach Barasa, There are 80-90% chances of the expected El-Nino rains occurring and most of the enhanced rain will occur in Ngong and the Eastern part of the county.

Also speaking in the same meeting The Kenya Red Cross (KRC) Kajiado Branch chairperson Lemaron Kuyo said they have identified other hotspots in the county which include Kitengela, Namanga, Loitokitok, Ngatataek and Kamukuru.Lemaron added that the Red Cross team is willing to create awareness in communities on precautions they should take, training of volunteers to help in assessment and rescue, Mobilise communities to unblock any blocked drainages and help in water treatment as well as provide emergency shelter.

Representing the Anglican church Rev.Naftali Lemooke said the Anglican Church will other than just pray for the county also promote water harvesting and has already set up an emergency fund to help in mitigating the negative effects of the rains.

Also speaking in the on behalf of the Education Department, Ezekiel ole Sisika, said the department intends to treat water in schools for consumption by the pupils, They also Intend to provide water tanks and mosquito nets to the 85 public boarding schools in the county as well as stock school dispensaries with drugs.