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30 Aug
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H.E D.R Nkedianye having a chat long time friend Mr. William Mopel during a house warming party of nominated MCA Hon.Rhoda Moonka

H.E D.R Nkedianye having a chat with long time friend Mr. William Mopel during a house warming party of nominated MCA Hon.Rhoda Moonka

Kajiado west residents praised the county government for the milestone they have achieved since they reigned into power in developing the county. Speaking at Corner Baridi, Kajiado west constituency during the housewarming party of nominated MCA Hon Rhoda Moonka. Ole Nawoiki said Kajiado County residents are impressed by Nkedienye performance since his reign in power and urged people to give him another term to complete his job.

Nalotuesha one of the residents articulated Nkedienye succession and asked Tarayia Ole Kores, who was seated to table his gubernatorial ambition and allow Nkedienye to finish the good work he initiated at the county. She praised Dr Nkedienye for his development track record and empowering the rural poor Maasai women…

Kajiado west politician aspirant Joseph Ole Simel praised Governor Nkedienye as the best candidate for Kajiado County. Urging the crowd to re-elect him and give him a chance to better the standard of the county.

The Jubilee crew led by Tarayia Ole Kores, Hon Moses Ole Sakuda and Keekonyokie ward and Deputy speaker George Sunkuyia however insisted that Dr Nkedienye and his administration have not performed much for the last 3 years and swore to teach him a political lesson during the 2017 elections.

Governor of Kajiado County Dr David Nkedienye defended himself and his administration saying that county has made extraordinary steps over the last three years. Outlining the employment of ECDE teachers and doctors, construction of ECDE Classes, modern markets, boreholes, modern hospitals, polytechnics, and bus parks as some of the achievements the county has achieved.

The County Chief further noted that parties’ issues should not be prioritised.  “Let’s concentrated with the issue in our county and avoid party differences since they will only bring division among us.” Governor said

Nkedienye added that while the jubilee’s message continues to be music to the ears of residents, his message becomes touches soul.

Hon.Rhoda's new mansion

Hon.Rhoda’s new mansion