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08 Jul
By: CGK 0


The County Government through the  Ministry  of Lands, Environment, Housing  and  Natural  resources  has embark  on  a  plan to  shut  down   a  number  of  Factories   in  Kitengela  which  are causing  pollution. Addressing  hundreds  of    small  and  Large scale  businessmen stake  holders    Kitengela  yesterday, Land  and  Environment CECM Hon Ali Letura, said  that. he  has   been  receiving  a  large  number  of   complains  about some  factories which  are  causing  a  horrible  pollution  within  Kitengela adding  that  his  ministry  will soon inspect and   shut  down  those  factories  which  are  not  following  the   rules.

“ I  have  been  receiving   a  number  of  Complains  about  these Industries  which are  causing  horrible pollutions in  this  town. and  will  inspect  them  and  find  out  if  they  have the  basic requirements to  run  them, and  any factory  found    with  an illegal  license  or   not  following rules, we  will  automatically  shut  them  down. Among  the   big  factories  we  are  targeting  include   Flamingo Company, Prime  Still industry  among  others, and  we  don’t  care  about  how   much  they  pay  revenue  to  us  as  the  county government, our  major  concern  here  is the safety of  our environment  to  our  people. we  want  our  people  to  remain  healthy  and  active  throughout  their  life. “said Hon Letura.

Meanwhile on the other hand, Mr.  Letura  also warned  those   people  with  lorries  who  carry garbage  from  mlolongo  to  Kitengela   to  stop  or  else   face  criminal charges. he  as  well added  that, all  the  environmental  mandates are  now  under  the  county government  and  not  National Environmental Management  Authority (NEMA) as  previously  used  to  be,therefor   as  the  County Government  we  will  ensure  that  our  environment remains  clean  and  decent. He  as  well urged  the   Public  Health  officer  to  cooperate  with his  ministry  and  make  sure  that    those  whose  who don’t  abide   with  the  laws  to  be  arrested and  charged.

During  The  meeting   four  groups Committee  were  formed  to  oversee and  brainstorm   strategies on the  way  forward  on  the  Environmental  issues. The groups includes: Pollution, Smoke emission and Waste management team. They will be meeting every week.