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23 Mar
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The modern ECDE class center opened at Oloonkai primary school in Nkama, Kinyawa ward of Kajiado East Sub-County

The County government opened a modern ECDE class center at Oloonkai primary school in Nkama, Kinyawa ward of Kajiado East Sub-County. The ECDE center has two classrooms, a resting room for the pupils after studies, staffroom and a pit latrine. The county also employed an ECDE teacher.

Speaking during openining of the project, the Deputy Governor Hon. Paul Ntiati, outlined the progress of the county government in the education sector. He further noted that over 330 schools are built around the county as a way of improving education sector.

“We have built over 337 ECDE classes as a means of improving education sector in our county and we are determined to ensure that our children get the best education and good facilities. We have also employed over 620 caretakers to see our children get best teaching in their early childhood education.” Said Ntiati.

He urged the parents to bring their children to the schools built since they are built for them and they have enough facilities and dedicated staffs. The deputy further noted that the schools have got enough facilities and dedicated staffs to progress the education standards in the county.

He was accompanied by county officials during the tour of commissioning the classroom. The local residents lauded the county government for the tremendous work they have made to improve education in the county.