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13 Apr
By: CGK 0


The County Government through The Ministry of Education and The Public Service Board

has employed 499 new care takers staff who will be deployed across the county. The Occasion

was graced by the Governor accompanied by his Deputy Hon.Paul Ntiati, Education Minister

Hon.Nairowua, CO Sankale, MCAs and other county official’s.

The new education recruits will ease the burden in the education sector which had a lot of

complains from wananchi on the unavailability of the teachers when they take their kids to

school. Parents had been struggling in employing teacher and paying school fees for their


Speaking when receiving the new employees, The Governor Dr. David Nkedianye, said the new

recruits will ease and improve the services offered to schools and better the improvement in

school. He mentioned the number of the employee as 66% are female and 35.5% are male.

“Today we are here to welcome and commission 499 new staff in the education sector, we have

been told that 66% are female while 35% male, which is very significant. Our education sector

have been going through difficult time due to lack of personnel.” Said Nkedianye

The county boss also urged teachers to work hard and continue reading with the aim of better

their lives. “You must work hard and aim higher to better yourself, do not stagnate in one place

this is a competitive world everybody is trying to get better.” said Nkedianye

He added that the county government is keen in improving education sector in the county among


“In the education sector we have set 51 million annually. We want more ECDE teachers to better

education sector and as a county government we are committed to make sure that we have a

great foundation for our children. We will be watching this sector closely monitoring what you

are doing to ensure the children have got satisfied.  ” Added the governor

Dr. Nkedianye added that every ward is going to benefit from the new recruit adding that the

community need to receive them well.

The CECM education Hon.Jeremiah Nairowua promised to work closely with the Care takers to

ensure they have the support whenever in the field. The minister challenge teachers to work very

hard and meet their targets.

Teachers lauded the county government for the job given and requested for salaries increase.