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Apr 2014
Posted by Kajiado County   -   in Forum   -   23 Comments

As the county government, We are going full throttle in terms of citizen participation as away of bringing citizens on board in the governance of the county.We wish to involve our citizens in all major decisions we make so as to build an inclusive county government.

In this regard, we have a fully fledged citizen participation department to ensure that this is met.

To the citizens, use this page to share all your thoughts with us, inform us about issues we should attend to or fix something. Any complains, compliments and general feedback on our service delivery is highly welcome


  1. Fred
    December 16, 2017  

    Am a citizen of Kajiado County and I real appreciate this forum. There’s this Acacia Feeder road that serves Acacia Senior School, Olerai Hotel and many more residential places that’s periodical repaired with boulders rather than murram, Is it possible to get a better solution to this costly repairs (both to vehicles and the road)? What are the short term and long term plans for this road by the county? .
    Your response will be highly appreciated.

  2. Joseph Githenji
    December 7, 2016  

    I am a citizen form Kajiado county working in Tanzania Arusha. Just to inform the leadership of the county that I work in TZ for lack of employment. we are many of this category in Arusha town. we hope to relocate and come back home and apply for jobs in county. a good number of us in diaspora are teachers. we hope you will pick an interest on us as we plan to relocate.

  3. sopon Safari Kenya Ltd
    November 25, 2016  

    God bless Kajiado County

  4. james
    October 25, 2016  

    Please do something to improve for us ongata rongai mayors road.

  5. james
    October 21, 2016  

    There is a flat being constructed on mayors road rongai and the house wall is right on the road and as that is not enough the are attachments of this wall extending right into the pathway.Was this plan approved by the county government …?

  6. Fundi Kennedy Leshan Sankale
    July 24, 2016  

    I will talk about a few observations I made over the last three years;

    1. I don’t see the county doing much to invest in the youth, we have a lot of talents all over the county but we are lacking a point of empowering them. We always complain that the youth are mostly associated with crime related cases and drug and substance abuse, but we are failing as a county to provide them with good alternatives in life. If it is true there is the 30% share in procurement for the youth, then am very sure that about 80% of the total number of youth in the county are not concern about this because the county is not taking this to them. I will prefer if there would be an information literacy program to inform them about this. We can as well invest in the many sports activities that we have in the County. I am sure Kajiado County can have the top athletes in the country if we want, but we are simply making it to hard for the youth, we don’t have facilities, we don’t have empowerment programs and we still don’t want to convert the available resources into viable opportunities.

    2. Secondly I also want to talk about the manner in which roads department is handling roads constructions, bridges and meander roads. It is not so satisfactory, to start with, there is this road in Kitengela which connects the Kitengela Sub county/district hospital to the main namanga road, it is always in a mess, it will need a very sober attention. When it rains, the road becomes absolutely worse, portholes, bull’s-eye window, bull’s-eye or whichever the name given are a big challenge. This is only one, we still have the road that connects Namelok health center to the main Emali-Loitokitik road. Still due to attending emergencies when needs be, the road surely needs a very quick attention. There are many such cases and this shows why there is a tincture of failure in the success of Kajiado County Government.

    3. Finally, I am also concerned with the ongoing projects in the county, may it is shortage of money, bureaucracies, procedures or conflict between the stake holders, but they are taking almost years to be completed, talk of the kitengela stadium, loitokitok market, kimana matket and many more. Remember they are almost next to social amenities and there are members from the community waiting this to be done.
    The last time The Governor reported in Kitengela to promise that the stadium will be constructed was almost two years ago, meaning sometimes the teams that rely on the stadium are sometimes forced to pay for alternative venues like the savannah stadium to attend their league games. I wish the whole county projects are not faced with the same problems.

    I hope this will be taken positively.


    Thank you.

  7. Huldah Kemunto Oroko
    May 23, 2016  

    Culverts rewuired on Ongata Rongai 25th Avenue

  8. Kijana Mrefu
    May 17, 2016  

    thank you mr governor for the work done so far..a lot still need to be done..please can you do something about state of the roads around town center and its environs..the dust is too much our people are succumbing to lung infrenctions..its too muddy and filthy when it rains..that slows movement and disrupt business…please make that your manifesto next i you have to get my vote

  9. Andrew Mwangi
    September 21, 2015  

    Am a resident of Ongata Rongai and over the weekend had visited Kitengala which now looks better after clean up. Please extend the same to Rongai so that we too can leave in a clean environment. There are too many nylon papers un-collected next to the trenches. Also soil is a lot especially after being removed from the trenches which makes Rongai very muddy when ever it rains.
    What are the immediate and future plans for Rongai residents? Or do we wait till next elections when we shall be promised of action that never happened within the five years?

  10. John
    June 23, 2015  

    Thank you for availing this plartform, three questions regarding Kitengela town:
    1. The Bus / matatu terminus, when is it likely to be operational?. It looks complete, at least for the last four months
    2. Traffic jam accross Kitengela twon is getting worse by the day. Is there plan to improve the feeder roads and block the many exits from the main road? Putting murram on the feeder roads is making an already bad situation of dust worse.
    3. Is there plan to develop a sewerage system?

  11. Kadenge Adolwa
    April 14, 2015  

    Dear County Government

    We really appreciate your efforts and how you have provided this forum for us to provide feedback.

    I have a question. I am a resident of Olosirkon and would like to know what the county plans to do with The Ongata Rongai-Kitengela road ie E1495. Can we ever expect this road to ne tarmacked? If you have plans for this when do, we expect you to begin works on this road.
    God bless Kajiado County

    Your loyal resident

  12. Kadenge Adolwa
    April 14, 2015  

    Dear County Government

    We really appreciate your efforts and how you have provided this forum for us to provide feedback.

    I have a question. I am a resident of Olosirkon and would like to know what the county plans to do with The Ongata Rongai-Kitengela road. Can we ever expect this road to ne tarmacked? If you have plans for this when do, we expect you to begin works on this road.
    God bless Kajiado County

    Your loyal resident

  13. judith bwire
    March 31, 2015  

    My child is a student at St. Joan academy in matasia. Yesterday she brought a note that insinuates that the county government of Kajiado has decided to levy every school going child Kshs. 245 for students in class 1 – 7. and Kshs. 305 for class 8. Kajiado county has over 5.000,000 school going children is this a way of the county government getting 1,225,000,000 without blinking an eye. What is this money for? have you just found a way of fleasing us?

  14. Truphy
    March 10, 2015  

    I am delighted to learn that there this page for citizens to air their grievances. I have a problem with some new changes that av learnt about regarding revenues. I own a bar in rongai, today I was surprised to find an invoice in my office from county council for 68000 together with a 7 days notice. The same is for advertisement boards on my balcony. These are tusker, pilsner, heineken, dstv light boxes. my concern is if u must charge can’t you do it directly to the companies? ie Eabl and multichoice. part of the bill was for the name of the club. Please advise how we can do business if we cannot even put names on our premises. Please look into these. Otherwise I am happy that changes are coming but please try to be considerate while implementing the same. They should not be too expensive on the investors. Thank u.

  15. Irene Kamau
    March 5, 2015  

    It would be great for the County Executive to post all available county documents on the website for ease of interaction with citizens. These need to include CIDP, Proposed Budgets, Revenue Bill, Water Policy, Fiscal strategy plan, and any thing else available that will require the ownership of the citizens. Make Haste!

  16. FM
    February 13, 2015  

    Plan to have all feeder roads paved to rid of dust and related ailments. We dont mind even if you introduce a toll just to have clean environment

  17. Ogova
    February 13, 2015  

    Finally. This forum has been a long time coming. Especially since the twitter handle and facebook page just publicise events and little else.
    I share sentiments with Maritim. As a resident of Ngong’ town for a little in the neighbourhood of twenty years and a student of architecture, hence planning basics, I do not understand why the town lacks a comprehensive development plan. Demarcation for residential, commercial, infrastructural, heck, even garbage disposal/recycling zones.
    Ngong’s main road is too narrow to keep up with the ever-increasing vehicular traffic without conflicting pedestrian traffic. The market used to encompass a bus terminus. That was hoarded off and now buses stand on both sides of the road. Apartment blocks are sprouting up all over the place. Whether they comply with planning and basic building regulations from the authority is questionable. A garbage dump, albeit informal, houses a slum that poses both a health and personal safety risk. Water provision, a basic necessity is underdeveloped where existent. The small roads are in a deplorable state of disrepair. No central sewer system exists. Street lighting? None.
    As a resident, I wish this and many other concerns would be looked into and possibly remedied more importantly by the relevant experts in the field. We have had jua kali construction for too long to overlook it. Licensed contractors, planners, architects and engineers need to be consulted in fixing the problems ailing a quickly growing small town that is quickly getting overburdened by its inhabitants basic needs.

    Fadhili Ogova (MAAK)

  18. Maritim
    January 30, 2015  

    As a resident in Ngong am very disappointed with the way you are handling road and draining systems in Ngong- there is a dangerous trench running from town towards Nairobi which was dug and left just like that, what happened. the only street in Ngong town is very narrow and dangerous for both visitors going up the hill nor even shoppers at the town why not expand or do something about it.The road section near Kobil and Vet shopping center is a mess and it is a shame to you as a county govt becoz residents know it is a cash cow, why is it when repaired it takes only 3 or so months then it becomes impassable again. section at vet really cause traffic snarl up all the way to embulbul and beyond during rush hours evenings. why should you create jams outside Nairobi when we are happy to be relieved of nairobi ones? we will expose these shoddy contractors you engage on this road. We cant say anything Ngong -Kiserian road because it is unsay able. even if there is no tarmac why cant you keep it at good condition??

    Kajiado we give you alot of money please give us service.

  19. timona
    January 23, 2015  

    1. What is the County Government doing a bout serious traffic jam in Ongata Rongai Town.
    2. When will the Government do a proper Town planning in Ongata Rongai and its environs like Olekasasi ,Kandisi, Rimpaa etc.

  20. Chris Pareyio
    January 23, 2015  

    Happy new year the County Government,

    I want to start by saying citizen participation is right secured to us by the constitution. I am happy our county government have set aside considerable resources for these forums. I have personally participated in most of these forums including the one at my Kajiado west sub county.

    Keep up the good work but also ensure all the questions posed to you are answered and posted here.


    • Kajiado County
      January 23, 2015  

      Hello Chris Pareyio,

      we appreciate your thoughts and wish to assure all citizens of Kajiado County that the leadership is committed to ensure that all citizens participate in the leadership of their county. We will also try to respond to all the questions that will be posted here.


    • carol
      February 16, 2015  

      Kindly expedite sewerage system in Ngong town.We cant have a good night sleep after long working days due to the stinking stream being used as sewerage system.
      The town does it all day and other people at night,ngong is a very old town to be exhausting raw sewerage to a stream.
      Please resolve this long outstanding issue.

  21. Tenkes Ole Melita
    November 15, 2014  

    Why cant the county government borrow some knowledge from the indian road constructing companies on constructing plastic roads in the rural areas, This will help conserve the environment by regulation of polythene bags and wastes. This roads are said to have high resistance and they last more than the common roads.. This will help our county in road development and environment conservation.

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