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22 Sep
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Emergency team leader Sarah Kioi carrying out the fuel distribution exercise

H.E the Deputy Governor in collaboration with the emergency team continues with the fuel distribution exercise to strategic county boreholes in the most affected areas by drought each receiving fuel subsidy of between 200litres-400litres. The exercise kicked off on Monday and is expected to end Next week on Friday.This exercise aims at ensuring that neither human nor livestock succumbs to thirst .The team today distributed fuel subsidy to 11 boreholes in Lenkisim Kajiado South namely;
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07 Apr
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H.E Dr.Nkedianye with other leaders at the maji award

As the drought continue to hit many parts of Kajiado county many residents feel the need to manage rain water in the near citing the current water shortage to poor management methods.

During the Kajiado Maji awards at shed hotel Kajiado north, among the many problems highlighted during the participants was about water sensitization in the county.

The ministry of water led by the CECM Jeremiah Nairowua and chief officer Florence Waiganjo said sensitization among the residents will help minimize wastage of the precious commodity. Most residents in the region are struggling to get water and sometimes they are forced to travel for long distance with their animals but the ministry will now train them on how harvest water.

Kajiado governor Dr David Nkedianye said his government has tried a lot to improve the water availability to the residents. “We have used over 659 million on water projects; we have built over 80 boreholes and rehabilitated 47 because our people have been suffering. We need big dams like the one in Kiserian  to be built in Kitengela, Loodokilani, Ewaso, Kajiado South and may parts of the county but it’s a challenge because it takes a lot of money but in few years to come we will be able built them.” Said Nkedianye

The county minister in charge of water Jeremiah Nairowua added that as a ministry they plan to introduce water management boards to water providers in the county.“ There are plan to elect a water management board in all sub counties because there has been a lot of mismanagement in water companies and a lot  fund embezzlement  in this companies. We want also committees to be responsible and use the money collected well.” Said Nairowua

The chief officer Florence Waiganjo thanked the stakeholders for the support to ensure Kajiado residents get enough water.

maasai women quench their thirst in ewaso primary school in Ewaso

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11 Mar
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Kajiado Governor, H.E Dr. David Nkedianye, yesterday officiated the commissioning of Kisaju community borehole a project aimed to relieve Kisaju residents from high costs initially incurred in purchase of water for their families and animals consumption.

The borehole drilled 15 years ago by former Olkejuado county council but failed to complete for lack of funds, was equipped and commissioned  for use by the now County Government.

Kajiado Governor, Dr.David Nkedianye speaking in Kisaju where he launch the community borehole as well as public toilets at the Kisaju town center, said the borehole has 30M3 water capacity and will be of great benefit to the residents. Dr.Nkedianye added that his government will pipe the water 2KM East and West of the borehole to ensure more people access water from a close distance. The Governor also urged the residents to utilize the water and reap maximum benefits from it.

The Deputy Governor, Paul Ntiati, also speaking during the launch urged the residents to take care of project saying it will be very unfortunate if the same community came seeking rehabilitation of the borehole soon due to neglect.

According to George Ole Meki a resident, the area has faced an immense water shortage for years as Kisaju residents have been depending on seasonal rivers which have been dry for lack of rainfall in the area. Ole Meki farther added that the project will highly benefit the residents as they will begin agriculture which will provide food for them and employment for the youth.

Emily Ntimama a resident also added that during the dry season they had been forced to purchase water for their families and livestock which has been very costly






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10 Feb
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a local of nkiitu village in matapato north having a taste of the rare commodity as the governor looks on when he opened the borehole in the area

a local of nkiitu village in matapato north having a taste of the rare commodity as the governor looks on when he opened the borehole in the area.

More than 600 households have benefited with domestic water from a borehole dug and equipped by the county government to curb perennial water problem for long.

Nkiitu village, Matapato North residents in kajiado central have gotten a reprieve and long trekking for rare commodities coming to an end.

This is after the county government of kajiado under emergency fund digging up a borehole and equipped it with a modern diesel powered generator capable to pump 0.5M liters of water in a day.

The ksh 2M project shall supply the residents with water for domestic use and for their livestock. Pipes have been connected to nearby water troughs capable of catering for more than 1,000 cattle’s in a day.

Locals lauded the project saying they have suffered for so long in search of water. They claim to have been trekking for more than 20km endangering their lives in the dry terrains.

‘’we always wake up by dawn in search of water and most of the  times we trek home with our empty jerricans devastated for years, said  esther nkanui

Residents have no water harvesting plans that they serve both in rainy and dry seasons.

“it’s a God sent miracle for the residents and their livestock after long time waiting’’ said herdsman Joshua lesile

Kajiado county governor David Nkedianye said the project shall ease the locals suffering.

Nkedianye added that in future the county government has plans to develop rainy water harvesting mechanism as the usual water pans locally known as silanke have been effective.

“water shortage has been a thorny issue in different regions of kajiado county but my administration has put aside a substantial amount of money to ensure each ward has a powered communal borehole by 2017’’ said Nkedianye

He challenged locals to take care of the water projects.

In the last financial year the county government sunk more than 100 boreholes and revived more than  20 stalled water projects

.IMG_1461 (1)

H.E The governor sips  water from the borehole

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09 Nov
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Dr. David Nkedianye yesterday opened two water projects in Endikir and Oltepesi in Mashuruu ward.

Dr. David Nkedianye launching two water projects in Endikir and Oltepesi in Mashuruu ward.

Dr. David Nkedianye yesterday opened two water projects in Endikir and Oltepesi in Mashuruu ward.

Endikir community water point was built by the county government to serve Endikir primary school and the local community who travel long distances to look for water.

The governor said his government is working hard to quench the thirst of the community.

“We are working hard to ensure our women and children don’t go for long distances to look for water, we want to build more water sources in future.” Said Nkedianye

The Governor later opened a new water pump at Oltepesi that will supply water to Oltepesi residents and their neighbours.

The governor was in accompany of area MCA Timothy Sayiore, CECM member of water and irrigation Joshua Majakusi and his director and other county officials.

Governor Nkedianye unveilswater a water project in mashuuru

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28 Oct
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HON Eugene Wamalwa and Dr David Nkedianye water supply project launched at Oloosuyian

Hon Eugene Wamalwa the cabinet secretary for water and irrigation and Dr David Nkedianye among other leaders as they launch water supply project at Oloosuyian which is to supply water to Ildamat ward and kajiado town.

Residents of Kajiado town will soon benefit from a water supply project launched at Oloosuyian by Eugene Wamalwa cabinet secretary for  water and irrigation and the Governor of Kajiado County Dr. David Nkedianye yesterday.

The project which costs about 84 million will supply water to Ildamat ward and Kajiado town where there has been a perennial problem of water ever since.

Speaking during the launch of the project, Eugene Wamalwa said water and sanitation is a constitutional right for every Kenyan.

“Every Kenyan has a constitutional right to good sanitation and water, not just in Kajiado but all the 47 counties in Kenya. We want to partner with the county government and all stakeholders of water companies to solve this problem forever. “ said Wamalwa.

The CS also assured the residents that all uncompleted projects will be finalized soon.

“My team will soon be on the ground to ensure all boreholes are completed soon and we are planning to dig 40 more boreholes in Kajiado County.” Said Wamalwa.

The Governor Dr. David Nkedianye said the county government is ready to gather resources together with the national government in bid to solve water menace in KajiadoCounty.

“My government is ready to work together with the national government and other stakeholders to improve water and sanitation for Kajiado residents. Water is a big problem in the County and my people have suffered a lot sometimes even leading to fights among residents in search of the precious commodity. There has been many promises but none has been fulfill.” Nkedianye told Wamalwa.

Nkedianye added that the county government has allocated ksh10 million in the county ministry responsible for water,to supply water in Kajiado through piping around the town. He said they want to consult with everyone concern to quench the people’s thirst in the area.

Kajiado central MP Elijah memusi kanchori said Kajiado town has suffered a lot due to insufficient water which has proved to be a monumental task forcing residents to incur huge charges to get fresh water.

The MP also expressed his discomfort with TANATHI saying they are doing nothing to help Kajiado residents.

“We are not happy with TANATHI. We want them to consult and engage the county government in their projects so as to ensure smooth running of the intended courses which in the end will benefit the local Mwananchi.” Memusi noted.

The Cabinet Secretary and Kajiado west MP Moses Sakuda later went to commission Kiserian dam a flagship project that is still ongoing.




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27 Oct
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a resident of Mile 46 fetches water after the county emergency fund rehabilitated a borehole

a resident of Mile 46 fetches water after the county emergency fund rehabilitated Oltinka Obore borehole in the area that has broken down for years.

Residents of Mile 46 can once again access the water source they had highly depended on, after the county emergency fund rehabilitated a borehole that had for years been the community`s only source of water.
The borehole popularly known to the locals as Oltinka Obore is said to have served the community since 1956.According to James ole Saidimu, Chairman of the borehole management committee, the borehole supplied water to the entire Mile 46 town and its periphery, Iloodokilani Secondary School, as well as watered an approximated 7,000 cows, 10,000 Sheep and goats companied.
Speaking to the County Press, James Saidimu said break down of the community’s only source of water rendered the residents desperate forcing them to trek for over 10Km to fetch water for their animals and for domestic consumption.
Nancy Marikua a resident of mile 46 says the water shortage in the area had lead to very high prices of up to Ksh70 per 20litters jerry can, as well as an increase in water borne diseases resulting from consumption of water from untreated water sources.
The County Emergency committee chaired by H.E the Deputy Governor Paul Ole Ntiati, Rehabilitated the borehole by installing a 22KVA Generator Set. Addressing the Mile 46 residents the Deputy Governor said the installed genset has an ability to pump a larger amount of the town, school and water points for the animals. Mr.Ntiati further ordered that water prices in the town go down as the entire community should benefit from the borehole.

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