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02 Mar
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The Scorecard 2017-2022

It is with great honor and pleasure that I share in this special space and time a reflection of the achievements we have jointly realized since assuming office August 2017. Over the past 4 and half years, my Government has embarked on a major delivery effort, which has involved aligning the Government agenda from political promises to action.


My administration scorecard is premised the functioning infrastructure – road networks, bridges, provision of clean, safe and sufficient water, construction of modern markets, construction of new dispensaries and installation of ultramodern multimillion hospital equipment in our referral hospitals, strengthening of extension services to farmers and other basic systems. In addition, my administration has identified and tackled some of the barriers to school attendance by enhancing funding to Early Childhood Development through infrastructure development and remuneration of ECDE teachers that form the foundation for education. The Expanded secondary school, University & tertiary college’s bursaries for the needy families as well us scholarships scheme was designed to invest in learners from the poor homes as one of the strategies of poverty eradication in the county.


As you will find in the scorecard, it is my hope that you the reader will be able to form a well- grounded opinion on the progress that we have made so far. My Government believes that even a good thing can be made better and hence we will collectively redouble our efforts towards this end. Once again, many thanks.

God Bless Kajiado County, God Bless Kenya
HE Joseph Ole Lenku, Governor Kajiado County.

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02 Mar
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Enhancing access to safe & clean water

In line with the County initiatives to enhance access to safe & clean water, enhance safe & suitable environment, and enhance optimal exploitation and use of the natural resources within the county, the government through the department of water, environment embarked on the following strategies namely:

  • Drilling of boreholes and shallow wells
  • Construction of new & rehabilitation of old pipelines
  • Construction/rehabilitation/installations of tanks
  • Establish a waste management plan that ensures reduction, reuse & recycle of all types of waste across the county
  • Construction of irrigation schemes ( Canals)
  • Construction of water harvesting facilities ( Dams & Pans)
  • Waste management, Climate change & green energy
  • Management of natural resources and tree planting
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02 Mar
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Promoting trade to contribute to economic development

With the growing popularity as an ideal investment & trade destinations owing to many factors that favors the tourism and trade developments as a business hub, the government embarked on strategies to promote trade, tourism & wildlife development that contributes to economic development of the county, namely:

  • Construction of modern market infrastructure & marketing channels
  • Construction of Jua kali & motor bike sheds
  • Training of co-operative societies
  • Promotions of SMES,
  • Skills development on enterprise
DEPARTMENT Project FY 2017/18 FY 2018/19 FY 2019/20 Milestone To-date Complete projects in % ge  Ongoing projects in % ge
Trade, Investments, Cooperatives & Enterprise Development Objective: To improve trade in the county    
Outcome: Enhanced trade and development in the county    
New Market stalls & Shades   












Motor Bike shades     








Cooperatives & Capacity building Number of cooperatives members trained     


Jua Kali sites developed and rehabilitated   







Key Mega Flagship projects Ngong Market Kiserian Market Ktengela Market Ewuaso Market   


100% Completion rate

Illasit Maket Entasopia Market Matasia Maket Namanga market

Kitengela Modern Market

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07 Sep
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The county government of Kajiado led by first lady H.E Edna Lenku  has launched an E-App for solid waste collection, papers,batteries and Electronics for Taka Taka Ni Mali at St.Monica Catholic Church,Kitengela .

She was accompanied by Dr. James Sankale -Chief Officer Environment, Natural Resources and Climate Change,James Larmoi -Deputy Director Taka Ni Mali and other county officials.

This will run an environmentally friendly operation which will change the livelihoods and improve the environment.


Our transformation to change our waste to wealth is bearing fruits through the Hub and other counties are bench-marking with us.

We urge everyone to participate and partner with us to make our environment clean.


Grateful to our  partners led by Catholic Church, UNDP,Takataka Solutions and  Wee Center for better,safe  and suitable  environment.

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01 Sep
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The impending transformation of Kajiado town whose roads are being tarmacked by the County Government of Kajiado and the National Government will significantly alter the skyline of the County Headquarters.
Hon.Joseph Ole Lenku; Governor Kajiado County inspected the roadworks in the town that will connect key estates to the Central Business District( CBD) and then to the Nairobi-Namanga Highway.
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18 Aug
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Kajiado County First Lady Edna Lenku in the company of H.E the Governor and other County First ladies have officially commissioned The Kajiado County Empower Cancer Clinic at The County Referral.

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27 Apr
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Human traffic to and from Tanzanian continues to pose a challenge to efforts instituted by the County Government in combating the spread of the COVID-19. According to the County Department of Health, foreigners constitute a bulk of the quarantined cases at isolation facilities at the border entry points with screening done by health workers at Namanga indicating that 84% originated from Tanzania, 16% from Zambia while a notable number were from Kenya, Malawi and Namibia. Drivers and Traders who frequently cross the border have been identified as the highest risk groups. 10 Kenyans are currently being detained and quarantined at the border health facility awaiting testing and further determination.

Esther Somoire, Health CEC said so far 119 suspected cases have been reported in Kajiado with zero deaths recorded. This figure includes those at the border points. 104 patients have so far been tested in the County with 15 of them cleared after initial screening showed they did not exhibit any Corona related symptoms.

She maintained that Kajiado is still a high risk County due to its geographical proximity to the capital city Nairobi and as an international gateway through Tanzania to other countries adding that her Department together with the County Security Team has already instituted stringent measures to limit cross border movement including monitoring adherence to social distancing norms and use of personal protective, equipment, PPE specifically face masks. These measures will include activation of door to door screenings of suspected COVID-19 cases and mandatory quarantine for those flouting curfew directives. Plans are also underway to close down Shompole Market and others within the County deemed as risk zones for community transmission.

She advised members of the public to adhere to basic sanitation norms of washing hands with soap, or use of hand sanitizer and social distancing as a way of breaking the transmission gap in the community.

Meanwhile, the third Corona Virus patient from Ngong, Matasia continues to receive medical care at the Kenyatta University Hospital. 32 persons that she had come into contact with are still quarantined in an Isolation center in Ngong. Thirteen of them are awaiting test results.

The County leadership led by H.E. Joseph Lenku has also asked all residents to observe calls for social distancing as a measure in breaking the gap in the spread of the pandemic. This is while the County government steps up distribution of personal protective equipment, PPEs hand sanitizers and other COVID-19 response commodities.

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31 Jul
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Health Emergency Hotline

Did you know that The County Government of Kajiado has a dedicated Hospital Emergency Response number?
The County Government through the Department of Medical Services, Health and Sanitation operates an emergency hotline number to cater to medical emergencies for residents of the County.
Who can call the number?
The number is accessible to everyone with an operational handset/mobile phone.
What is the number you can call for hospital emergencies?
The Number to call is 0758721986.
Is the number operational throughout?
The emergency response number is reachable 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
Do I get charged to call the number?
Normal operator call charges apply when calling this number.
What services can I expect upon reporting an emergency?
Depending on the nature of the emergency, our call-operator will locate the nearest medical facility and make all the necessary interventions not limited to ambulance services, blood donation, hospital admissions etc.
What information should you provide? It is critical that you provide the call-operator with information that is as accurate and complete as possible. Try to remain calm, and speak slowly and clearly. While the information you provide will vary with the incident, there are some critical details that will be required in almost every instance. These include:
▪ A brief description of the incident
▪ Time of occurrence
▪ Exact location (Ward, Location, street and unit/apartment numbers, if applicable etc.)
▪ Extent of injuries or property damage, if any.
It is critical that you give the call-taker your phone number—especially if you are calling from a wireless phone so that the medical personnel or police can call you back if they need additional information.
What if I do not speak English?
Callers who do not speak English, or who feel more comfortable communicating in a language other than English, can still access the hospital emergencies services. If necessary, callers should tell the call-taker they want a language translator to help facilitate the call.

NOTE: The Kajiado County Hospital Emergency number can be looked up on available search engines online.

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28 Jun
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County Government’s effort to improve the road network in a more sustainable and affordable manner is now here.
The County has received the first batch of its heavy capital machinery which  are ready to roll.There is now  a brand new excavator, grader and truck.
The  upcoming road works programme is aimed at infrastructure upgrade , proper  graveling and drainage across the county.
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26 Jun
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Together with Devolution & ASALs CS Eugene Wamalwa, H.E the Governor have launched preparations to host the 2nd Arid & Semi-Arid Lands (ASALs) conference to be held at Amboseli National Park on September 10th ~ 12th 2019.

On behalf of the County H.E the Governor welcomes all Kenyans and our donor partners to fully support this beautiful event. Twenty-nine counties will participate. The theme of this year’s conference is “Consolidating ASALs for development posterity.”

“As a county, we are glad for the confidence the national government has shown in partnering with us to host this great event. I urge all residents, investors and stakeholders to take advantage no the thousands of Kenyans and development partners who will come visiting” said the H.E the Governor.

County Government of Kajiado is ready to showcase its beautiful culture, and explore economic opportunities that remain unexploited in this region.

Karibuni Amboseli!!


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