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23 Nov
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County Government corporates take up 200 vocational interns as skills program starts to bear fruits:More than 200 youths being trained for vocational skills by County Government are set to proceed for attachment.

The youths, who are part of the 1,000 youth’s targeted for skills this financial year, have completed their Grade 3 training and have been placed for internship starting in January. More than 20 corporate institutions operating in the County have offered to absorb the new graduates who will finish the internship in April next year.

Kajiado Education and Vocational Training CEC Member Lenku Seki said the trainees will proceed to Grade 2 in May. “We want to mold skilled youth who will be ready for the job market when we are through with them. We are happy the corporate institutions are supporting the internship programme,” said Seki.

The County minister said contractors in the county, especially those in building, construction and water works will also be drafted into the skills scheme so that they can offer on job exposure to the trainees.

Yesterday, Governor Lenku presided over the pass out for the trainees at the National Industrial Training Authority ( NITA) grounds in Kitengela.

The County Government and the KCB Foundation have jointly invested over KSh 100 Million in this the programme dubbed as “ Kazi Mkononi”.


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12 Oct
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H.E the Deputy Governor was joined by Member of Parliament for Kajiado North Hon. Joseph Manje, area MCA Hon. Martin Kimemia, Ngong Ward MCA Hon. Robert Mouria  and other leaders for the official commissioning of  a new ECDE complex and World Friends Projects from The Italian Agency for development  who have built a sanitation facility  at Oloolua primary school in Oloolua ward.The ECDE classes will make learning  easy and reduce congestion in the already full classes .

The County Government is committed towards the improvement of our School’s infrastructure and modern ECDE Centres fully equipped in line  with the new curriculum.

Improving the quality of education in our institutions is of utmost urgency and importance to us.Therefore,we welcome all our development partners to help us realize our aims towards quality education.

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02 Oct
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H.E the Governor was  accompanied by leaders of Oloosirkon/ Sholinke Ward community for in the opening of the new face of Kajiado ECDE Centers at Enkutoto, Tipatet Emakoko and Oloosirkon Primary Schools in Kajiado East.

The Governor says he is committed to build a sound education foundation for our children and improve the transition from Primary to Secondary school. “We shall continue supporting infrastructure development in schools to enable our children get a conducive environment for learning and improve the quality of Education “said the Governor.


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26 Sep
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H.E Joseph Ole Lenku has raised concern over the state of underdevelopment in the rural areas of counties more so Kajiado avowing that the National government funds through devolution has only focused on urban towns in various counties.

During an opening ceremony of Ilkelunyeti Primary School at Imaroro Kajiado East, he said that when county funds were slashed down by 9 billion. This is against the aspiration and spirit of devolution because many Kenyans will not feel the effect of the big 4 agenda starting by the president.

The funds have been focused on developing urban areas such as Nairobi, Nakuru, Eldoret while the remote areas of Kajiado, Turkana, Isiolo may never get to experience housing, security, affordable healthcare and manufacturing. According to H.E the Governor, Kenyans fought for devolution and brought it through the constitution hoping it would become a distributing mechanism for development.

“Developing primary, secondary and tertiary schools is a function of the National government apart from Vocational Training institute. But already counties are doing all this work because a substantial part of counties have never had this facilities,” said the Governor.

He therefore asked the National Government to reconsider about the slashing of county funds because it negates the spirit of uniformity and equity among counties.


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21 Sep
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Adult Literacy levels in Kajiado County continue to plummet raising fears among County education officials and stakeholders in the sector.

Over the years, adult education has received a wide berth a situation that has forced out of school youth to shun learning altogether and opt for menial jobs to make a living. Early marriages of young girls who lack school fees has been the norm as they also opt to settle as homemakers at the expense of pursing education opportunities into their adulthood.

A meeting between religious leaders from different denominations together with county and education officials was held in Kajiado today to map out ways of empowering out of school youth and adults through education and skills training opportunities.

Kajiado County Governor Joseph Ole Lenku who met the religious leaders said improving literacy levels of the people of Kajiado was in the scope of his government’s agenda. He expressed his optimism with the partnership between the county government, religious institutions and other education stakeholders in achieving this within the next four years.

He implored upon the religious leaders to commit their existing infrastructure to be used for adult learning.

“Due to limited County resources I urge you to use your churches and mosques with large halls to advance adult education due to strained resources,” he said.

During the meeting County Committees to oversee adult education were formed and it is hoped that these will be replicated at sub county level to reach the most remote parts of Kajiado.

On his part Education and vocational training Executive Member, Samuel Seki agreed that literacy levels in Kajiado was low especially in the remote areas of the County.

“It is a fact that the County has strained resources and needs all the help it can get from religious organizations and other stakeholders to achieve its goals,” he said.

Seki requested religious leaders to be proactive in this endeavor to utilize their infrastructure to help the County Government achieve its goal of eradicating illiteracy in Kajiado.

Joseph Agina, secretary to Olkejuado Adult and Continued Education said the initiative taken by the County Government and religious leaders to focus on adult literacy is timely in steering the big four agenda for the common good of the nation.

He added that if tapped, the clergy have a good platform to reach people of all levels of the society since they were their congregants.

Agina intimated that according to a 2006 Kenya National literacy survey of 48% of Kajiado residents consisting of 280,000 people were illiterate. This is against a backdrop of 78% national illiteracy index consisting of 7.5M people.“We need to have literacy levels of this group enhanced to achieve economic development,” he remarked.

Speakers at the meeting also proposed to the concerned ministry to engage the Kenya Literature Bureau to come up with a Maa Literature and curriculum to cater for adult learner in a language familiar to them.


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03 Sep
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Kajiado County Government today held its first and a one of its kind goat auction whose proceeds will be used to secure medical insurance under the National Hospital Insurance Fund cover for five thousand needy and vulnerable households within the County.Each of the 25 wards of the five sub counties had been allocated 200 goats to be sold during the auction which attracted buyers from different parts of the country.

Deputy President William Ruto who officiated the auction assured the residents of support from the National government in spearheading the matters health in line with the big four agenda spearheaded by the Jubilee Government.

He congratulated the County Government on its efforts in partnership with the Kenya Literature Bureau, KLB to empower ECDE schools through introduction of literature and other materials that give learners a firm foundation in basic education.“For our children to succeed they need a solid educational background,” said Ruto.

Having earlier laid a foundation stone for the construction of the first ever university in Kajiado Ruto said young people transitioning from secondary schools need to have technical training and skills that will help them drive the development agenda.“This country needs technical people with skills and expertise within the various sectors and the education arena needs to be equipped with tools to help it achieve this,” he said.

The Deputy President further assured the residents of continued infrastructural developments that will see the completion of key roads that will open up the county to more industrial opportunities. “The development agenda needs proactive efforts and not mere talk,” added Ruto.

Kajiado Governor Joseph Ole Lenku in a rejoinder said the goat auction will be an annual event and hopes that in the next one year 50% uptake of medical insurance through NHIF will be achieved within the county. “One of the pillars of the big four agenda is universal health coverage. We hope to achieve 100% coverage from 20% by 2022,” he said.

He lauded the work done by the county and sub county administrative officers in sensitizing the residents on the importance of the NHIF medical insurance as well as the county government goat auction initiative. “90% of our health facilities are accredited by NHIF and our people are now more aware of what they stand to gain by taking up medical insurance by NHIF,” said the Governor.

The governor further thanked the partnership with national government institutions like the Kenya Literature Bureau, KLB who have played a key role in facilitating a curriculum that empowers the youth in technical & vocational training thus making them employable and abled to start up sustainable businesses.

Narok County Governor Samuel Ole Tunai on his part admitted that the health sector had unique challenges that needed to be bridged and congratulated the Kajiado County Government for being proactive in its “Mbuzi Moja Afya Bora” initiative as a way of safeguarding the health of its people by offering workable alternatives.“It is high time that we as a pastoralist community consider the gains of selling one goat versus the health and wellbeing of our households,” said Governor Tunai.

The goat auction exercise which was held at the County Demonstration Farm in Kajiado attracted buyers among them Members of Parliament and County Assembly, County and National Government leaders and residents from within and outside the County.

Ground breaking exercise of the proposed Olekejuado university college of applied technology presided by the Deputy President William Ruto

H.E the Deputy President being taken through an architectural design of the proposed Olkejuado University College of Applied Technology.

H.E the Deputy President and Kajiado Governor Joseph Ole Lenku conducting the auction process at the Kajiado Demonstration Farm in Kajiado

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25 Aug
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Teachers have been called upon to take up seriously their roles as mentors to children in their early years of school as the values they instill in them molds them to be responsible citizens capable of fostering change and development for the County.

Kajiado County Governor Joseph Ole Lenku said this while presiding over a closing ceremony for a capacity building workshop for county ECDE teachers at Athi River. The training which comes as a priority objective by the County Department of Education and Vocational Training sought to equip the teachers with requisite knowledge on key concepts as outline in the competency based curriculum manuals by The Kenya Literature Bureau.

“We take pride in knowing that when we empower our ECDE teachers in capacity building and skills development trainings we are creating enable mentors who will harness and impact knowledge to our children,” said the Governor.

He added that teachers were the most important stakeholders in the education sector and his government has committed to ensure that the gains made in empowering them are not eroded by inflation.

The governor intimated that the county government will set aside a budget to cater for medical care for those who cannot afford it. This initiative he said is meant to reinforce the Mbuzi Moja Afya Moja medical insurance program spearheaded by the National Hospital Insurance Fund, NHIF. The program hopes to ensure universal health care to all residents of Kajiado County in line with the health pillar of the big four agenda of the Jubilee Government.

Further, he said plans are underway to issue 5000 needy families with NHIF Cards that will give them access to medical care in their health facilities of choice within the county.

At the same time Lenku challenged teachers to further their education and explore technical skills development to access self-employment opportunities.

“Kajiado County will soon become the hub of skilled training for available job markets countrywide, soon we will have our people being exported to other counties to offer their professional expertise,” he said.

Speaking at the same function the CECM in charge of Education and Vocational Training, Samuel Seki lauded the Kenya Literature Bureau(KLB) for being accommodative as to cut costs on the competency based curriculum literature books. He said together with the Kenya Institute of Curriculum Development, KICD these two institutions have not only upgraded the levels of our education in the county but ensured children receive all round education.” We have not only empowered you (teachers) to be ECDE teachers but to be able to teach at various levels including primary schools,” said Seki.

He recommended the ECDE teachers for playing a pivotal role in the success of the County school feeding Initiative the Uji Program by ensuring that the children have their daily meals without fail.


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18 Aug
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Download the speech on the link provided below;

Governor’s Report Card speech 2018


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01 Aug
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The Kenya Medical Training College, KMTC will soon have a fully-fledged college within Kajiado town following a memorandum of understanding between the institution and the County Government of Kajiado in the presence of H.E. Joseph Ole Lenku.

The County Government has already earmarked land for construction of the college within the Kajiado referral Hospital; a second of its kind after the Loitokitok based campus.

In his remarks at his office today, Lenku said the people of Kajiado remain the number one priority in service delivery endeavors initiated by his government. He added that the trained students will supplement the efforts of the current workforce at the hospitals and as such reinforce service provision.

“I believe this expansion will strengthen the county’s health care provision by placing qualified personnel in our healthcare facilities. They will be instrumental in propelling the big four agenda of universal health coverage as championed by H.E. Uhuru Kenyatta,” he said.

Lenku assured his support for the expansion and pledged to allocate a sufficient budget towards provision of facilities within the institutions through concerted efforts with like-minded investors.

“The county will invest in the facilities within this institution through construction of classrooms and laboratories because I believe the people of Kajiado will access the training at KMTC and ultimately be absorbed in our health institutions as professionals in various medical fields,” he said.

Towards this end Lenku pointed out that a recruitment desk will be set up at the Kajiado Referral Hospital to cater to locals hoping for admission to the institution.

KMTC Board Chairman, Prof. Philip Kaloki intimated that the County Government has agreed among other things to rollout areas of development in provision of land for construction of classroom, medical

Laboratories and other physical amenities that may be required by the students.

He revealed that an admission office will be established to ensure equity in admission of students to the institution that will ensure that 30% of the admissions are locals.

“During the admission we would like to ensure that we balance our admission processes by considering all wards in the various sub counties and ensure we recruit locals from Kajiado County,” said Kaloki.

He mentioned that KMTC Loitokitok campus will be expanded to accommodate more courses that will ultimately see the students absorbed by the hospitals in their localities for the benefit of the people.

“We are hoping to realign our courses there to have such programs as nursing care,clinical medicine and medical engineering that will increase training opportunities in tune with the universal healthcare coverage in the next four years,” said Kaloki.

The construction and expansion of the Kajiado and Loitokitok campuses respectively come hot on the heels of an elaborate training program by the Kajiado County Government and The KCB Foundation that saw 300 students sponsored to train in skills development; a venture that will see them empowered for self-employment and placement in the upcoming industries in the county.


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31 Jul
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The County Government of Kajiado through the Department of Education and Vocational training will beginning next term utilize the County Government Management System in disbursement of bursaries to schools in the County.
This follows the recent budget for the FY 2018/19 which availed Ksh 40M which will be available and ready for disbursement to needy students at the beginning of the third term of school.
Speaking in his office today, Seki Lenku, the CECM in charge of Education said the new bursary disbursement system has been designed in such a way that the applicants do not necessarily need to present their applications physically at their respective ward offices but rather make them online.
“Plans are at an advanced stage to kick start disbursement of bursaries through electronic funds transfers that will cut down on cases of bad cheques being issued to schools,” he said.
Once the selection committee completes their vetting process , the transfer of bursary funds will be done directly from the system to the specified schools bank accounts in a fool proof system that will ensure efficiency and transparent allocation of money to the beneficiaries.
Seki said such initiatives by his ministry coupled with the county sponsored ‘Uji program’ which heavily relies on provision of food rations to school going children in primary schools; currently in its second phase, will go a long way in ensuring high school enrollment and equal learning opportunities to learners in the county.
Training on the new management system has kicked off earnestly for staff in the department of education and cascade to Sub county and Ward administrators then to MCAs who are in the bursary and education committee in the coming weeks.


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