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04 Jan
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President Kenyatta and Governor Ole Lenku inspects SGR tunnel

On 16 December 2017 Kajiado Governor Joseph Ole Lenku and other county leaders joined President Uhuru Kenyatta in his inspection tour of the SGR in Ngong .

H.E the President Uhuru and H.E the Governor Lenku among other Government officials during a recent visit of the SGR tour at the Ngong tunnel.

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01 Jun
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H.E The Governor reads out his speech to mark 2016 Madaraka day celebrations.

H.E The Governor Dr David Nkedianye reads out his speech to mark 2016 Madaraka day celebrations.



Fifty-three years ago today Kenya regained its self-rule after a long period of painful struggle. It is a great privilege to join you today as we celebrate our attainment of freedom and internal self-rule. I wish to extend warm greetings to all Kajiado County residents and the country at large.  I want to thank the general public who out of patriotism and a great sense of selflessness has come out in great numbers to celebrate this historic day. This day truly evokes emotions of our struggle that culminated in our freedom and independence from colonial oppression. Today is the anniversary of an event that changed the course of our country for the better. We stand here today as citizens of this beloved county to recognize the efforts of men and women who sacrificed their all for the sake of our freedom.
Ladies and Gentlemen,
On this Madaraka day, I call on every resident to remain steadfast because our county is indeed making progress. I bring to you today, a message of renewed hope and faith in the immense possibilities that lie ahead of us. During my inaugural speech as Kajiado County Governor, I pledged to serve the people of Kajiado County with total dedication, upholding the principle of honesty, integrity and impartiality.  Once again I give you my unwavering commitment.
Ladies and Gentlemen;
Looking back from where we are coming from and to where we are heading as a nation, this day should engage our generation in a dialogue on the essence of our freedom. This day appropriately embraces discussions on our heroes, role models and our vision as a nation. We need to link our past with the present and future realities. As our freedom fighters fought to free themselves from imperialism and all manner of oppression, this day is a reminder to the current generation that the battle is still on. This day reminds us all that every step towards the goal of justice requires sacrifice, suffering and struggle; it requires tireless exertions and passionate concerns of a dedicated people.
Distinguished Guests, Ladies and Gentlemen;
As a county we take pride in the fact that the new constitution has brought about change that will let everyone of us to taste the fruits of our freedom. As we look back at the journey so far, clearly the achievements did not come by our strength alone; the grace of God has led us through the toughest of times.  We have experienced setbacks and often missed opportunities to take advantage of what is at our disposal. But instead of lamenting what we have failed to achieve, we ought to be grateful for the distance we have travelled as we stay focused on what is to come. On contemporary issues that have a bearing on our democratic space, I wish to comment on the issue of the IEBC. It is a crucial that this country commits to dialogue as that is surest way of avoiding imminent divisions that are haunting our country.
Fellow Kenyans;
We all appreciate that education is a vital human right and plays a key role in human, social, and economic development. It is however unfortunate that fifty-three years after independence illiteracy levels are still high. To address this concern, my Government is committed to building a strong education foundation of our children because we know education can put people on a path towards good health, empowerment and employment. This has been demonstrated in our efforts to ensure increased access to early childhood education. The number of Early Childhood centers constructed and equipped so far and the total number of caregivers recruited to date is clear evidence of this commitment. Beside the extensive support to ECDE, the County Government has also increased its support to other areas of education within its mandate and beyond. We have equally invested heavily in skills development through the upgrading and equipping of our polytechnics as part of our strategy to unlocking the potential of self-employment. Our young people can now opt to go for specialized skills and create for themselves opportunities to be agents of economic change in the county.
Esteemed Citizens of Our County;
Good infrastructure is critical to our development and directly affects the performance of other sectors. As a government we have put a lot of efforts and attention to improving our infrastructure because we know that lack of infrastructure causes production bottlenecks for sustainable growth and poverty alleviation. The grading and murraming of our roads have helped to improve the quality of life for many. However, following the just-ended heavy rains in the country, many roads have been damaged making accessibility to some areas impossible. Indeed, poor roads are taking a toll on business and making our towns unattractive for investments. This has necessitated a critical search for immediate remedies as we work as long term solutions. In some instances we are working closely with the National government in carrying out repair and maintenance work that would go along way in improving the situation.
Ladies and Gentlemen;
A healthy population is a big asset to any Nation’s productivity. My Government is investing a lot of resources in both preventive and curative healthcare. In the last three years, we have established regular essential drug supply to all health facilities across the County. In addition, the aggressive recruitment and deployment of healthcare workers is a focused effort to remain on course in building capacity and the implementation of our County Health Master Plan. As a County government, our commitment to this is shown by the fact that we continue to spend the highest amount of our budget on health.

Distinguished Guests, Ladies and Gentlemen;
This Madaraka Day being the Fourth (4th) since the inception of a devolved system of government marks an important milestone. I wish to challenge every citizen in the County to join hands and do our best in making this County the best. As a Government, we will continue working hard to fulfill our promise to you. As the citizens of this county you need to reflect on the gains of Madaraka and help in providing oversight to all systems and structures for the good of our County.
Esteemed members of the County;
On land matters, we continue to face challenges as there has been a very large backlog of shoddy work in the land sector. Very many of our RIM are still not updated. We are working on these issues. The good news is that our plots’ registry is now a lot cleaner and the number of new land complaints has gone down.
Ladies and Gentlemen;
Madaraka Day should help us identify what we have in common (our survival and prosperity as individuals and as a county) and what has potential to derail our growth and collectively work towards achieving our goal(s) while diminishing that which negates these possibilities. We are banking on your support as we enhance our partnership with various agencies with the view of touching lives. We shall be working against the objectives of our founding fathers if we do not eliminate any social vices that work against our development. We shall together perish if we do not collectively work to identify our challenges and adequately address them now and for posterity.

Ladies and gentlemen;
As I conclude, I call upon all to rededicate our energies to the development of our county. Improving the socio-economic status of our people is a daunting task. It requires concerted efforts and partnerships with all of us.  Although politics occupies a crucial aspect of our county discourse, emphasis must be placed on the socio-economic empowerment of our people. I wish to appeal to all citizens of this great County to remain united and embrace the spirit of hard work, selflessness and patriotism so that together we build a County that future generations will be proud of. Our unity of purpose and unwavering support to your Government will deliver the pre-devolution dream for a dignified life for all our citizens.
God bless Kajiado County and our Country Kenya.


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09 May
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H.E the Deputy Governor Hon.Paul Ntiati, Senator Mositet, Area M.P Moses Sakuda, County Commissioner Harsama Kello, Area MCA Hon Peter Parken and other county officials attended a thanksgiving held at Oldorko sub-county as a result of appointment of Margaret Lemayian as an assistant chief. She was the first Lady in that location to be a chief.
Speaking during the function the deputy Governor Paul Ntiati congratulate Mrs. Margaret for the achievements she made. Urging the guest of the day to be ready to face any challenge without any fear as he assure her full support from the government. Outlining the achievement by the county government as tremendous. Voicing for unity from all people, urging the political leaders and those eyeing leadership to come together for the benefit of the community. “As a county government we have made tremendous achievements and we need to come together as leaders from all parties joining hands for the sake of the community.” Ntiati said
Senator Mositet voice for unity from all leaders and warn sharply on land selling saying it is the only inheritance they can give to their children. He also lauded the government for considering ladies in power, encouraging Mrs. Lemayian to be bold in her job and served the community with fair and justice, not fearing words from people when they shout to her.” You need to be courageous in your work and do it with fairness and justice as you trust in God.” Mositet said.
Area M.P Moses Sakuda who had hard time to answer questions from Wananchi also call for peace and urge all people to follow protocols whenever they want to express their issues. Urging the politicians to avoid any political differences and come together to support the community who elected them. Answering some of the questions raised by wanainchi concerning bursary, Sakuda promised the forwarded names will be given bursary without any discrimination.
Hon Parken appreciate the people for the support they are showing to him as he warns some contractors who are doing shoddy work that their days are numbered and they must change.
The county commissioner official welcome the appointed chief to power.

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27 Apr
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Kajiado referral hospital benefited after they received equipment worth 2.8 million,

CECM for health Gladys Marima lauded the support from Sightsaver with Amref  to

ensure the community are well taken care off in conjunction with the county


Speaking during the handover of the equipment the Minister said the given

equipment by sightsaver through Amref will help the team to do eye examination this

include eye glasses for people who have a problem with sighting. She added that the

clinic has been supported by Sightsaver through Amref, they went a long way to

reduce the amount of money the government would have put in. The CECM lauded

the training offered by Amref to the staff as one of the ways to cut cost for the

government.  “We have been supported by the sightsaver through Amref to the

government, they went along way to reduce the amount we would have put in as a

government.” Marima said.


Moris Odur the project Manager with sightsaver lauded the step of offering the

equipment as one of their vision being implement by reaching the community. Amref

in collaboration with the county government has reached many people in the

community for treatment since it was received in kajiado .Frances Dikir the project

manager for trachoma in Amref Organization said sightsaver has been so supportive

in addressing issues of eye care in the county and beyond, adding that it is a life

change that will impact positively not only to the organization but also to the partners

but really to the ultimate community.

“We have been working closely with sightsaver as they coordinate projects we

implement through the ministry of health to reach the needy communities.” Said Dikir

Dikir urged kajiado residents not to go for further medication because they have

enough equipments and trained doctors to help them in treatment.

IMG_7466 IMG_7494


Health minister Gladys Marima receives equipments worth 2.8 million from Sightsaver in kajido to boost the facility in serving the community, looking on are AMREF AND SIGHTSAVER OFFICIALS

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20 Apr
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“H.E  The Governor with Trade CO jason Ketente in mashuuru when they attended the thanksgiving ceremony by ILANYUAK LE MASHUURU”


H.E Governor Dr.David Nkedianye joined Ilanyuak Le Mashuru in Kikurro town Mashuru district

Kajiado East, to celebrate a thanksgiving ceremony. Nkedianye accompanied byhis Protocol officer

John Loisa, C.O for Trade Gideon Ketente and other county officials witnessed the commendable

ceremony held by ILANYUAK. It was last month that the Governor opened an official building built by

the organization that led them to hold the thanksgiving as a sign of appreciating a noble work done.


SOCIETY. This is an informal youth group, into a million institution. Set up by young men of Imaroro

ward who engage in scooping and loading of sand to Lorries and registered as cooperative in the

main objective was to control sand in river beds, banks and water catchments areas and arrange

levy payments by the transporters which will promote members financials welfare, unity and among

others conserve environment in the affected areas and   since inception the society had been

growing steady but this does not mean all has been well ILANYUAK LE MASHUURU SAND

HARVESTER COOPERATIVE SOCIETY is today a million shilling institution  with 460 members and

a net asset base of about Ksh.45 million, is feted amongst the leading biggest sand harvesters

societies in membership and capital base cooperative in kajiado county.

Speaking during the occasion the Governor challenged the crowd to embrace unity and join hands to

do a lot of good work, mentioning that as one of good example and how successful it can be.

Nkedianye urged them not choose any job. “We have been shown that young people can join hands

and do a lot of good work, this is one example of how successful we can be. We celebrate them and

encourage them to move forward, as a county government we will work closely with them to ensure

they have attained their dreams. We encourage them not to choose any job.’’ Nkedianye said

the county boss assured them of great support from his government to reinforce the society and

looking forward to a future where they will diversify their income and where they can have other

sources from which they can get profit apart from sand harvesting. The Governor urged them to

attend trainings offered by his government to the young people to build the capacity of their

cooperatives and make sure they become stronger and save more

Nkedianye urged sand harvesters not to overload the Lorries since the overloaded Lorries are

destroying a lot of bridges and roads. C.O Ketente lauded the work done and encourage youth to

embrace in that way of cooperation to better their lives standard. He also added that is the right

direction to go meanwhile it will help to avoid drugs abuse and other misbehaviors ways. Ketente

embolden them to plant trees since it is a virtue that will enable them in conservation of trees.

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15 Apr
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The Governor serves a cake to a child in Nakeel Grounds during the celebrations to mark three yers of devolution, with him are speaker Osoi and Senator Mositet

The Governor serves a cake to a child in Nakeel Grounds during  celebrations to mark three years of devolution, looking on  are speaker Osoi and Senator Mositet

The Governor of Kajiado County Dr. David Nkedianye joined wananchi of Kajiado in celebrating three years in power at Nakeel grounds in Kajiado North.

Dr. Nkedianye accompanied by his deputy  Paul Ntiati, Senator Mositet, MCA Mwathi Pere,  and other county officials, inspected a guard of honors from the enforcement officers  and the Kenya scouts before being entertained with songs by different schools and choirs from all over the county in an event where citizens turned out in large numbers.

The Governor outlined several development projects done by his government since its formation. According to the governor on health services the county government invested in increasing access to services delivery through increasing number of dispensaries, purchased and equipped 6 new ambulances at a cost of more than Ksh 40million. 1 of which is able to offer highly specialize care during patient referral. The biggest beneficiaries are Ongata Rangai. Health projects which have been the construction of a mortuary, maternity wings. Major theatres, fencing works, estimated to be at Ksh. 40.9 million. Kajiado Referral hospital that is being upgraded at a cost of ksh 53.7 million and Loitokitok Sub County hospital that has ksh 25.8 million for upgrading and refurbishment of its mortuary. An overall of 71 health projects at an estimated cost of 504,202,362 as a total investment on construction and upgrading of health infrastructure in Kajiado.

In lands and physical planning the governor said kajiado is the first county in Kenya to register and issue 300 National land commission allotment letters in conjunction with the county land management board to plot owners of Olekasasi A. This is a great milestone considering the wrangles that has come to characterize our county with regardless to ownership of lands. With regard to Urban planning and development planning for Lasit and Ilbissil town and already complete. With regard to environment as a way to ensure continuity conservation preservation and suitable use of environment recourses and 2000 seedlings for planning are distributed per ward.

On roads and public works the Dr. Nkedianye said a lot of roads are been opened up and other tarmacked to meet the need of wananchi.

“We are expanding and improving existing roads networks in the urban and rural areas and we have tarmacked several roads to improve accessibility to needy places like government facilities and we have started constructing bus parking bays in Kitengela which is almost complete and Ngong which is in progress. We are doing this to ease the traffic jam in our towns.” Noted the governor.

In Education and sports, the governor said his administration is doing a lot of improvement to the sector

“We already have six polytechnic in Entasopia, Saikeri, Namelok, Isinya and meto. A total of 296 ECDE classrooms have been constructed across the county, 499 care teachers have been employed and hiring 31 instructors for polytechnic. In sport our ladies are awarded the women champions in inter counties champions held at kwale last year.” He added that in the previous year our men football team won a trophy in the men category when the competition was launched at Laikipia County. The disable people have not been left behind they have benefited from participating in sport, Paralympic sports for person with disability. We purchased devices such as wheel chairs, hearing aid.

The sector of water and irrigation has embarked on an ambitious plan of availability affordable water by sinking 18 boreholes, 30 pipelines equipping water projects among others activities.




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