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16 Mar
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H.E. Joseph Lenku commissioned a new class block and four ultra-modern dormitories with a capacity of two hundred students at The Namelok Vocational Training Institute. The institution has for the longest time experienced low student intake ratios and it is hoped that once completed, the dormitory will accommodate more students with an unprecedented intake of more than two hundred students set for May this year. Among these will be beneficiaries of the Vijana Tujiajiri Programme; a paid partnership between the County Government of Kajiado and The KCB Foundation that seeks to empower and equip needy and out of school youth with technical skills that will enable them to pursue self-employment opportunities.

During the function, the Governor also inspected the ongoing works at the practical’s workshop and revealed that Ksh16M had been set aside by The County Government to equip the new workshop once completed. He said empowerment of the youth through skills training was one of his administration’s key development pursuits in line with the Big Four Agenda on manufacturing, job creation and youth empowerment.

“The youth are taking over leadership roles in the County and we need to empower them through technical skills training and critical thinking,” said Lenku.

At the same time, The Governor challenged the youth to seek admission to technical institutions and pursue skills-based trainings in diverse fields such as electrical engineering, fashion, design, beauty therapy and masonry just to mention but a few.

“Technical skills training will not only mold learners to settle for employment upon graduation but empower them and offer them opportunities to be employers through startup businesses,’’ he added.

Lenku also challenged stakeholders in the education sector to tailor make course content with due regards to the needs of the localities in which the technical skills will be used.

In its current state, the Namelok Vocational Training Institute accommodates a mere seventy students and over the years has had to turn back students during enrolment due improper and insufficient infrastructure.

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10 Dec
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The County Government through H.E the Governor has launched a series of projects among them the Kitengela bus park, the deliverance road that leads to the railway and soon to follow the Saitoti road. The cabinet at the national level has also approved the construction of a modern railway station in Kitengela.

The continued partnership with the national government has realized fruits in our development agenda. Kajiado County is gradually becoming an anchor in business, culture and a hub of prosperity.

H.E the Governor urges all of us to put petty politics aside and work together to move this great County towards where we envision it.




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29 Nov
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H.E the Governor has launched a developmental affirmative action, for Mosiro ward, one of the most marginalized wards in the County.
In an elaborate tour with his senior county officials, Governor Lenku said never again will Mosiro Ward be abandoned the way it has been by past regimes.” You are part of Kajiado County. You shall not weep again for the developmental discrimination you have suffered. I have a special focus on the very rural areas which have not seen any tangible development in the past,” said Governor Lenku at a public rally in Mosiro town.
Before the rally, H.E the Governor commissioned the Emparbal water project where hundreds of local residents will now be drawing clean and fresh water.
Together with Medical Services Chief Officer, Jacob Sampeke, the Governor also inspected Mosiro Dispensary which attends to 20 patients daily as well as being the only health facility that offers maternity services in the Ward.
Accompanied by Chief Officers Douglas Konana (Water) and Leakey Ritei (Agriculture), the Governor inspected the ongoing construction of Mosiro Irrigation Scheme. The project with a capacity of 28 Million liters will be constructed at a cost of Ksh 30 Million. It is expected to be complete by June next year. “Under my Watch, Mosiro will never be discriminated against the way it has been. The irrigation scheme will greatly boost food security for these residents,” he said. The Governor also stated that the people of Emparbal can now draw clean and fresh water for the first time from the county’s water project.
“As an Affirmative Action on local youth, I have directed that Mosiro must have at least 50 youths in the next intake of the on-going County Vocational Skills Training Programme,” the Governor added.
The day long tour also saw area MCA Peter Tirishe hail the Governor for pledging to consider more local sons and daughters for county jobs.

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26 Jan
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Governor Joseph Ole Lenku to sponsor 20 rescued Girls at Kajiado AIC Boarding School:-
Kajiado County Government has launched a new sponsorship plan for girls rescued from early marriages and female genital mutilation.
The pupils at Kajiado AIC Girls Boarding School will for the first time benefit from bursaries at both the ward and county levels.
Addressing parents, pupils, sponsors and teachers during a thanksgiving ceremony at the school, Governor Lenku expressed concern that the 720 pupils’ school did not have much support from the bursary kitty of the County Government.
Governor Lenku challenged the girls not to compete with local schools but with other better performers at the national level.
“We want you to aim higher. You can compete with top schools. We shall support your infrastructural development. We have already supplied the school with water. More support is on the way if you perform better,” said Governor Lenku.
The Governor was accompanied by five CECs led by Samuel Seki (Education), Alex Kilouwa (Roads), Moses Narok (Agriculture) Michael Semera (Finance) and Hamilton Parseina (Lands).

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21 Sep
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Site of bridge in ormoleliani, Matapato North Kajiado Central Constituency that is to be constructed.

H.E the deputy governor visited a site of bridge in ormoleliani, Matapato North Kajiado Central Constituency where the County Government in collaboration with the National Government are planning on building a bridge.

H.E the deputy governor Martin Moshisho thanked the National government for taking the front line in ensuring that developments like this are available for the people of Kajiado.He was accompanied by County commissioner Harsama Kello and the former area MCA Hon Lesalaon Seki

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21 Sep
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H.E the governor speaking to Masimba residents in Kajiado South during the launch of the rehabilitated borehole

H.E Governor Joseph Ole Lenku visited Masimba Primary School, Masimba Secondary and Masimba health centre. He launched a borehole he rehabilitated before being elected as the governor of Kajiado. The borehole will share its water with Masimba secondary school and the heath centre.

The governor also identified Esukuta water catchment area that has a natural spring as a source of water will be tapped and channeled to benefit the people of Masimba town and its neighborhood.

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07 Apr
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Governor Nkedianye with olkeri MCA Onesmus Nkokoyo

Arap Moi primary School in Nkoroi, Olkeri ward has got every reason to smile after they received 40 desks and 400 pairs of shoes for the needy pupils from the governor Dr David Nkedianye.
Speaking when receiving 40 desks and 400 pair of shoes for the needy pupils, the school chairman said they have locked out politics in the school to ensure the success of the school.
The school is among the most populated with over 1,900 pupils and has been among the best in the zone, a sign that the school has been doing well. He further lauded the county government for the employment of five ECDE teachers,
Area MCA Nkokoyo lauded the county government for the support they have shown to the school,
using the platform to highlight the achievements of his ward and urged them to unite for the success of the school.
Kajiado governor Dr David Nkedianye said he is working hard to improve education in public schools.
” Here is where the next governor, MCA, pilot, doctors and many others will come from. The school is accommodating a lot of children and we are trying to help improve performance by providing classes, desks for them.” said Nkedianye
He also brought 400 pairs of shoes for the needy children in the school.

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23 Mar
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The modern ECDE class center opened at Oloonkai primary school in Nkama, Kinyawa ward of Kajiado East Sub-County

The County government opened a modern ECDE class center at Oloonkai primary school in Nkama, Kinyawa ward of Kajiado East Sub-County. The ECDE center has two classrooms, a resting room for the pupils after studies, staffroom and a pit latrine. The county also employed an ECDE teacher.

Speaking during openining of the project, the Deputy Governor Hon. Paul Ntiati, outlined the progress of the county government in the education sector. He further noted that over 330 schools are built around the county as a way of improving education sector.

“We have built over 337 ECDE classes as a means of improving education sector in our county and we are determined to ensure that our children get the best education and good facilities. We have also employed over 620 caretakers to see our children get best teaching in their early childhood education.” Said Ntiati.

He urged the parents to bring their children to the schools built since they are built for them and they have enough facilities and dedicated staffs. The deputy further noted that the schools have got enough facilities and dedicated staffs to progress the education standards in the county.

He was accompanied by county officials during the tour of commissioning the classroom. The local residents lauded the county government for the tremendous work they have made to improve education in the county.


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02 Mar
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Kajiado Governor Dr. David Nkedianye in the company of  Magadi ward  MCA Peter Pariken, CECM in charge of water Jeremiah Nairowua and other county officials began a three day tour in Magadi to visit development projects in the area.


The county boss started his tour by visiting Shompole health centre to check on a chain- link fence constructed by the county to cub wild animals and later visited Shompole sale yard before heading to Oloika primary school to inspect a new ECDE classroom.

Education level in public schools in the ward has been worrying and the governor encouraged teachers to work harder.

“A mean score of less than 280 is still very low.We have been at Oloika primary, Magadi primary and Orkiramatian boarding primary and their results have not been impressive.There are many public schools in this county which are scoring a mean score of 300 marks and above and we want the same to be attained in this ward too. This ward can only be good if we produce our own doctors, nurses, lawyers.” Nkedianye said.


Among the cause of poor result in the area is the current drought in the county with many children forced to stay away from school because of hunger. The governor added the county will be supplying food to all schools. The county government will also provide diesel to all boreholes and water catchment area in the drought affected areas to help residents to access water.


The county boss while speaking in Orkiramatian said his government  has built several ECDE classrooms in the ward including 3 classrooms in Odonyo Onyokie primary, 2 classrooms at Ilparakuo, Oloibor Toto,lenkobei, longosua in musenke  and many others.

The kamorora hills dispute between loodokilani and  the loita of Narok county has agitated the locals after the loita killed a young child and loodokilani people insists the hill belong to Kajiado despite  leaders  assuring them of their support.

The governor also visited Entasopia market which is one of the flagship project and the market is already fenced and the phase two of the market is about  to commence .

The county CEO ended this tour by visiting Musenke water project, dispensary and the school. Many residents of Loodokikani and Magadi ward assured the governor of their support in the August post election.

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28 Feb
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H.E the Governor Nkedianye during the visit to Musenke water pipeline project

Musenke is among the driest and thirst part of Kajiado county where  water is a major problem.

Among the first projects to be done by the county government was the Ewaso Nyiro – Musenke water pipeline project in 2014 to quench the thirst of the residents who used to travel long distances to reach the  water catchment areas

The water project will supply water to Musenke primary school, Musenke dispensary and the market place.

Kajiado governor together with area MCA Peter Pariken toured the area to access the water project.

The Governor speaking to the residents said, “This project is instrumental in supporting the people of musenke who for a long time have stayed without water and in 2014 we did this project and it has made a big impact simply because water has now been piped to the school, market and dispensary.”

Ntoyian ole Kotikash the chairman of the water project said the project has been of help.

He added that there have been challenges at the project due to the flooding of Ewaso -Nyiro River due to rains in the highlands affecting water supply to the borehole due to siltation.

The governor also gave out two drums of diesel to be used to pump water to the community.

(left)H.E the Governor with chairman of the water project Nkoyian Ole Kotikash

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