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04 Aug
By: CGK 0


It will now be mandatory for every private or commercial building to have water harvesting and storage facilities.

A new law that has come into force today will require those who intend to build houses or commercial buildings to prove their water harvesting and storage infrastructure being the County Government approves their building plans.

The law which has 90 days grace period meaning the regulations will start taking effect after three months or November 2020.

The already existing buildings will be given 18 months to COMPLY after which the County Government will take action against building owners without water harvesting Infrastructure.

The new law is the work of Nominated MCA Onesmus Ngogoyo whose Kajiado County Water Harvesting Bill was enacted into an ACT after it was signed by Governor Joseph Ole Lenku earlier today.

The law also provides for the County Government to assist public buildings such as schools and hospitals with upto 50 per cent of the cost required to put up the water harvesting facilities.

The Governor lauded Mr Ngogoyo’s Bill as one of the most transformative legislations since devolution came in.

“This is the first Private Members Bill am signing into law.It will really help us conserve the fresh rain water that goes to waste every rainy season,” said the Governor.

He challenged other MCAs to emulate Mr Ngogoyo and seek to leave a legacy by coming with laws that change residents’ lives for the better.

An elated Ngogoyo who witnessed the signing of the law together with Mosiro MCA Peter Tirishe said the law will enable Kajiado residents’ access clean water especially because it is a water scarce County.

“The law provides for the County Government to construct water pans, shallow wells and protect water sources to conserve more water for the dry seasons,” said Mr Ngogoyo.