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16 Oct
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An agriculture farmer showcasing the heaped crate of tomatoes nicknamed “turbo”that is much exaggerated from the normal.

H.E the Governor visited Rombo ward Kajiado South to address issues raised by tomato Farmers in the area. For so long the farmers in Rombo have been complaining of grate exploitation by middle men and brokers from Nairobi County. Some have been on social media more often and today the governor heard the cry of his people.

Currently a crate of tomato in the area goes for ksh. 6,000/- but the issue as narrated by Farmers is not the price but rather the quantity per crate. A crate is heaped to create a tower nicknamed TURBO that will carry another two crates making them three in one, but bought with a price of one crate of tomato.

The governor termed the exploitation going on at Rombo as unwarranted, total harassment and designed conning of our Farmers by brokers and middle men, the governor vowed to bring sanity to agribusiness in Kajiado County. Fair pricing and packaging will be supervised by government agents with the help of tomato farmers to make sure that we get to take care of both the farmer and businesses. H. E the Governor  also expressed concerns that through unscrupulous business dealings the county government is also losing millions in revenue dodging.

The Governor has therefore directed that the regulations set by county officers that the allowed tomato box as defined earlier must remain the small standard box that’s used across the country and must not have a canopy, the governor also noted that after the regulation was put in place the same unscrupulous traders brought large boxes to carry more than allowed and the county officers have been ordered to make sure the box remains the one agreed upon with farmers.