Livestock farming being our traditional specialty shall be improved as we implement best practices for maximum returns. Forestry: Despite the dry spell experienced more o


The county government has massive plans in the improvement of education, educational institutions and trainers to ensure that our citizens gain competitive skills ready for absorption in t


We purpose to underscore the role of local investors in boosting investment in the county and fostering foreign/external investor confidence. Proximity to Tanzania makes our County stra


We encourage environmental friendly approaches to mining for our mutual benefit now and for posterity. with Trona, Gypsum, Marble, Limestone, Salt and Soda ash. The exploitation of these N

5 Sub Counties
21,292.7 KM Square
999,819 Est Population


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Kajiado County 06 Mar, 2023

Department of education- Scorecard 2017-2022

In line with The County Government's desires to ensure provision of conducive environment for quality education and vocational training to address the low enrollment & retention at Early childhood...

Kajiado County 04 Mar, 2023

Department of Water – Scorecard 2017-2022

In line with the County Government's initiatives to enhance access to safe & clean water, enhance safe & suitable environment, and enhance optimal exploitation and use of the natural resources...

Kajiado County 04 Mar, 2023

Department of Roads- Scorecard 2017-2022

In line with the initiative to ensure that there is efficient, affordable & reliable infrastructure for sustainable economic and social activities, the County Government of  Kajiado embarked ...

Kajiado County 03 Mar, 2023

Department of Health- Scorecard 2017-2022

With health, being a key function of the devolved function & with desire to ensure that Health service are accessible, affordable, quality and equitable and client centered health services to all ...



Together we are building a better county and our unity and the solidarity in our efforts are a role model for other counties

By Governor:

Joseph Ole Lenku


Here you will find important links to various resources within the County

Hon Joseph Ole Lenku


Hon. Justus Ngossor